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Meet Road Vendor WonderFil Specialty Threads

WonderFil = Thread (and only thread)download

WonderFil Specialty Threads offers products that enhance both the quality and appearance of stitching results, as well as expanding embellishment possibilities. They have a diversity of thread weights, textures, finishes, and materials. A family run business based in Canada, their 17 specialty thread lines are distributed in 8 countries: Canada, USA, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

They carry several different lines, ranging from 8 – 100 weight, that can be used for any project. All of their cotton based threads  are made only from Egyptian Cotton which is lint free so it doesn’t gunk up their customer’s machines.  

Photo by Gregory Case Photography

Photo by Gregory Case Photography

One of their most popular products lines is InvisaFil, a 100 weight cottonized polyester thread. The number one seller in the United States, Invisafil is available in 60 colors and is a great alternative to fine silk thread. It’s unique texture is a result of combining preshrunk cotton with strong, colorfast polyester. It’s the perfect thread for all kinds of sewing, including free motion quilting.  

WonderFil prides itself in working with teachers, like Vikki Pignatelli, to create color palettes that coordinate with their projects.1-Invisafil3a


New in 2017 is Wonderfil’s partnership with Sue SpragoEllana is a wool fabric line combined with 28 weight wool thread that comes in 60 matching colors.

Another line, Efina, is a lighter weight thread designed for hand quilting .  

WonderFil is also committed to helping their customers learn how to use their threads. They call this Threaducation. On their website, they offer how-to videos for all their thread lines as well as share contact information for qualified teachers standing by to assist customers in Canada and the United States. 

Road to California 2017 appreciated Wonderfil’s employee, Joanne from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, supporting their philanthropy project, Roadies Give Back. Joanne is had a good friend pass away from Cancer in June, 2016 and appreciated the opportunity to contribute to a worthy cause. “It’s always fun whenever quilters get together,” remarked Joanne during the event.   


From Travel to Sewing: Meet Yazzii Bags

“Life is short. Do it right”

This philosophy has guided Yazzii Bags owner, Yasmita Magan, in all her decisions, especially as she has developed this international company known for producing “the world’s best bag.”

Photo by Gregory Case Photography

Photo by Gregory Case Photography

Born in South Africa, Yasmita is a Canadian citizen who has called Australia her home for the past 26 years.  Once you meet her, you are captivated by her exuberance for life and for her business. It’s easy to see how she acquired the nickname, “Jazzy Yazzii.” With a passion for people and design, Yazzii strives to put her “best foot forward” in all she does.

Yasmita’s professional career started in the travel industry. She had seen the need for a travel bag that was versatile and long-lasting, so began developing quality, handmade bags, the forerunners of today’s Yazzii bags.  At age 40, Yasmita left the travel industry and for the past 14 years, has been selling her bags full time.


Photo by Gregory Case Photography

The first Yazzii Bags were sold to hold jewelry when traveling. They quickly became popular with crafters as mini craft organizers. Then, in October, 2001, while selling her bags in Sydney Harbor, Yazzii met two women dressmakers who fell in love with her bags and remarked how versatile they could be for storing sewing supplies. Yazii took their suggestions and began marketing her travel bags to the sewing world where their demand has quickly grown

All bags are handmade in India in a factory owned by Yasmita. A Hindu, Yazzii speaks their language and feels more comfortable running her company there than in China. She has made 65 trips to India over the years to personally oversee the bag production. Workers sit on the floor as they make the bags. It takes approximately 7 hours to produce one bag!!

Yazzii is especially proud of the fact that her bags hold their value.  Her zippers are of the highest quality and remain intact even after 14 years of constant opening and closing. In addition, a specialty line of bags have been designed for quilters Sue Spargo and Jinny Beyer.

Photo by Gregory Case Photography

Photo by Gregory Case Photography

Yazzii Bags are sold in Australia, Europe, Japan and the United States. Being a vendor at Road 2015 was a highlight for Yazzii. She appreciated the “tremendous opportunity” Carolyn Reese offered her to be there. Yazzii’s husband (they’ve been married for 36 years) joined Yazzii for the show, assisting her in selling the bags. They both loved meeting all the quilters, hearing success stories of their Yazzii Bags, and introducing new customers to their product. They are thrilled to return to Road 2016.

Yasmita Magan is fulfilling her dream of making a difference in the world, one Yazzii Bag at a time.