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Hoffman Fabrics And Another First For Road To California

Hoffman Fabrics will be hosting their first ever special exhibit, “Hoffman History,” at Road 2018.

The special exhibit was inspired by Hoffman’s opening presentation for the Schoolhouse Education series at last fall’s Quilt Market in Houston, the major trade show for retailers and manufacturers. Along with a special stand-up banner display and lecture, Hoffman presented a “thank you” video to acknowledge quilt shops’ and quilters’ contributions to Hoffman Fabrics’ success and growth over its 94 years in business.

Why was Road to California chosen as the location to show this special exhibit? Hoffman knew from their early planning stages that they wanted to expand the Quilt Market presentation to Road to California. Hoffman considers Road to California to be the most important consumer show for them for three reasons: 1) Because many Hoffman retailers participate at the show; 2) They often hold office/warehouse tours during the show; and 3) They have a longtime “family business” relationship with the Reese family.

The special exhibit will show Hoffman’s development from its start as Hoffman Woolens in 1924 to becoming a textile converter, introducing various fabrications to the quilting market (the originator of batiks for quilting, for instance, but also as a leader now in cutting-edge digital prints), to their impact on the surf apparel industry, and everything in-between. We’re told that there will even be an actual surfboard in the exhibit!!!

Part of the exhibit will include the Hoffman Challenge, which they have partnered with Road to California as a sponsor over many, many years. Other quilts that will be in the display were generated by Hoffman’s own “quilt fairies” – very talented industry designers/quilters with whom they’ve worked closely with over many years. Hoffman depended on them to design and make outstanding quilts. Some of the quilts have patterns sold by the designers, but many others have become patterns that Hoffman now offers as free downloads from its website. They plan to show quilts that feature their different fabrications and most well-known designs.

What will happen to the exhibit after Road to California 2018? Well, Hoffman isn’t quite sure. They say if the exhibit is well received at Road, perhaps they will show it at another major quilt show or at a quilt, textile, or other type of museum or library – even a major university. They are also thinking about recreating at least a part of it Hoffman’s headquarters in Mission Viejo, California since they offer tours to quilt/sewing guilds as their production/distribution schedule allows throughout the year. Given that Hoffman is close to hitting the century mark, they feel confident that all types of artists, makers, collectors, etc., would be very interested in learning about the history of textiles and of Hoffman Fabrics.

Be sure to stop by Booth 400 and be a part of this historic special exhibit.


Quilting Is For Millennials Too

It was great to see these quilting millennials enjoying Road 2016:Williams

27 year old Brittany Williams attended Road with her mom, Charlotte. They live in Riverside, California and both mom and daughter are quilters.  They belong to the Raincross Quilt Guild in Riverside who told them about the show. Brittney had been quilting for about 6 months when she and her mom attended their first Road to California. It was Charlotte and a friend of Brittany’s that encouraged Brittany to start quilting. Quilting was a natural activity for Brittany as she was already used to doing handiwork like knitting and crocheting. She loves quilting and has already made 7 quilts including a nine patch and a disappearing nine patch. “When I grow up, I want to be a quilter,” Brittany remarked.014

Melissa Ratzloff, 32,  got her start in quilting nine years ago when she went to visit her mom while she was working on a quilt for Melissa. While her mom was at work, Melissa thought she could work on the quilt – even though she knew nothing about quilting. One year, Melissa attended a judging for a Hoffman Challenge and ended up helping out at the event. That led to Melissa curating for the Hoffman Challenge for the following two years. Melissa is in to art quits now utilizing graphics. For Melissa, “quilting is a release for stress.” She is a teacher during the day and at night, she likes to take fabric and put it together in an interesting way to make something beautiful. Melissa has attended Road all nine years she has been quilting. What does she like best about quilting? “You can stop and come back to it” in-between kids and work.016

Kim came from Simi Valley, California with her grandmother and mom. She is a third generation quilter who was drawn to quilting by the math process involved. She has made a large quilt and 2 wall hangings. Quilt by Millenial Kim from simi ValleyA student at Pierce College, she is studying to become a veterinarian technician. Quilting relaxes her between school and work. “It’s a nice break,” said Kim. Road 2016 was her third time at the show. She thinks Road is “awesome” and found the winning entries “mind blowing.”