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Quilting Time Can Be Quality Couple Time

Road to California is a great place to plan a couple outing – especially when both partners share an interest for quilting.

Marianne has been a quilter for 9 years, specializing in as she says, “usable quilts.” She is a traditional quilter making the “big stuff”—king size quilts. She has even made king size charity quilts for a West Coast Casualty Insurance event that was held at Disneyland. Marianne and her husband, Ed, are from Downey, California. They have gone to Road to California three times together, focusing on the new technology that the vendors offer. Marianne commented, “My grandma would have used the technology (for her quilts) if she had it.

Married for 47 years, Les and Linda know the key to a happy marriage: they support each other with their hobbies. For Les, it is Classic Car Shows and Linda goes with him to Cruise Nights. For Linda, a quilter for over 40 years, it’s all about going together to quilt shows like Road to California. “Fair is fair,” remarked Les. While Linda has attended Road for the past 18 years, Les has only accompanied her for the last 10. They’ve even gone to a quilt show together when they were vacationing in Sydney, Australia (Linda said she knew nothing about it but Les swears “she planned it on me.”) Why does Linda enjoy coming to Road to California? To get inspired.  She says, “You see things that you never would have thought of. It gets you out of your box to try new things.”   And Les has learned another valuable marriage lesson: “I never ask her how much she spends on her stash and she never asks me what I spend on my car collection.”

Even a wheelchair bound Stacie couldn’t keep her and husband Ed from Road 2017. Both Ed and Stacie are quilters from Indio, California. They began their quilt journey together over 5 years ago by taking a quilt class. At first, Ed went to the class to just spend time with Stacie but he ended up liking it and has stayed with it ever since. Says Stacie, “He does it more than I do. I never finish my quilts and Ed keeps on me.”   They bought their tickets for Road before Stacie fell playing with their dogs, putting her in the wheelchair. They didn’t want to miss out “looking at quilts and gadgets and finding new ideas to try.”

A brand-new quilter, Sophia appreciates how her husband, Erik, helps her with design and color. Sophia is also a knitter and crocheter and felt quilting was a natural progression for her fiber arts interest. She is self-taught, having never sewed before until she started quilting. Her first project was a baby quilt that “turned out great.” Erik helped Sophia design a wedding quilt that now goes on their bed.  Road 2017 was their first time at the show. Sophia said she was “quite moved by the exhibits. They were amazing.” Erik thought he was just going to be seeing a lot of vendors (which he did) but he was also surprised by all the interesting exhibits.



Couples Have Double The Fun At Road

Road to California is a great destination for some fun couple time.

Road 2017 was the first time visiting the show for Mike and Joan. Joan heard about Road from some of her “Sit and Sew” friends. Joan is new to quilting. She started a year and a half ago making traditional quilts. Joan says she likes the idea of “creating something unique to you.” She was really interested to see what Road had to offer and found it to be “mindboggling.” Mike brought Joan to the show. He shared that he had no idea about all the award exhibits and that he found the quilts to be very “intricate.”

Paul and Kim came from Carlsbad, California. It was their third time at the show. Paul is an amateur photographer and enjoys taking pictures at the show with Kim in them. Kim has been a sewer “forever” and a quilter for “a couple years.” She is glad that they don’t live too far away so they can see up close all that Road has to offer. Besides taking pictures, Paul enjoys seeing the art quilts and other “unusual things.”

Both Pam and Tom are involved in quilting. Pam has been quilting since the early 1980’s while Tom has been doing longarm quilting since 2005. They have been long time fans of Road to California. Pam started coming Road’s very first year when it was in the hotel across the street from what is now the Ontario Convention Center, 22 years ago!! Tom has been accompanying Pam for the last 15 years. Pam won the Tin Lizzy contest a few years back. She likes coming back each year to “have a good time” and see “lots of innovations.” Besides his longarm work, Tom is also an artist who enjoys painting on fabric. In 2016, he had two of his quilts entered in the show!!    

A “Couple” Of Quilters

Road to California is even more fun when shared with a spouse.


Meet Jan and Mike Rowe of Perth, Australia. (In case you were wondering, their air flights from Perth to Ontario, California took 18-1/2 hours!!).  Art and quilting are Jan’s passions. Her interest in quilting began 20 years ago when she was visiting her sister in England and ran across a sign advertising a quilt show. She has been quilting ever since, favoring “contemporary” designs. In 2001, she started teaching quilting. Mike and Jan travel all over the world, picking themes for their trips that almost always include a stop at some quilting venue. They came to Road as part of a one month tour around California for their 44th wedding anniversary. Mike is “very supportive of Jan’s quilting interests and turns a blind eye to her shopping.”



Road 2015 was Gary and Laynee Greenberg’s third visit to Road. From Fresno, California, Laynee taught kindergarten for 20 years, retiring in 2011. She started quilting after she retired. They always come to Road together. Gary enjoys supporting Laynee in her quilting hobby. In return, Laynee goes with Gary to his HAM radio events. Both Laynee and Gary appreciate the creativity that goes in to the quilts they see at Road. Gary observed,  “They are incredible.”



Photo by Gregory Case Photography

Photo by Gregory Case Photography

Mel and Chong Ogawa drive up from their home in San Clemente, California to spend a day together at Road. Road 2015 marked their fourth time visiting the show. Mel says he comes along to offer “moral support” — and to manage Chong’s shopping bags. Chong has been quilting for 15 years. She likes to incorporate Hawaiian fabrics in her designs. Both Mel and Chong like viewing the exhibits. Chong likes to get new ideas from other quilters while Mel admires the quilts because they “look just like pictures.”   

Have you considered bringing your spouse to Road?