Youth Sewing is Hip

Some say teenage sewing is a long lost hobby but at Road to California, it is alive and well.young_people__img_1567

“Teaching another generation” is near and dear to Road and the American Sewing Guild who co-sponsored this year’s Teen Sewing Camp. Said teacher Sue Vite, “It is inspiring to teach teenagers and see them get excited and catch the sewing bug…Our generation can’t be afraid to teach the younger generation.” It was apparent that young students truly appreciated learning from experienced sewers.young_people__img_1547

The goal for the class was to provide an opportunity for young sewers to “relax and create.” Students 10-17 years old were separated into skill level groups for the sold out session. For a $5.00 fee, they were able to choose from five different projects and could work on as many as they could finish during the six hour class. Pre-made kits were all ready to go for the students to make pillow cases, zipper pouches, applique tote bags, nine patch pillows, and elastic waist skirts. Both basic sewing and quilting skills were taught.young_people__img_1550

What is the most difficult skill for young sewers to grasp? “Sewing a straight line,” replied Ms. Vite. “They have no fear with zippers or anything else. Getting a good seam is tricky for them.”young_people__img_1568

One of the students in the class was Carolyn Reese’s granddaughter, Jillianne Reese. While Jillianne has spent her whole life helping her grandmother and mother sew, this was the first time she took a class. Jillianne found the class to be both “fun and hard.” She definitely wants to keep on sewing “to make cute things for kids and things for around the house” as well as floor length dresses for her International Order of the Rainbow for Girls meetings.young_people__img_1552

Lauren, 13 years old, has been sewing since she was 8 years old. She has her own sewing machine and has made several quilts but prefers to work on the types of projects that were offered during the class. She said it was “fun to create new things.” kids7

Brooke, age 11, started sewing when she was just 5 years old. She sees sewing as “a form of art” and says that “It’s good to know how to sew and be able to fix things. When you make things, it saves you money.”kids6

Seeing all the enthusiasm for learning this skill, it is safe to say the future of sewing is in good hands.young_people__img_1573

When did you first learn to sew?