Wrap up

Well, the show is over and wrapping up a show is not as exciting as preparing for the show. White gloves need to be washed and packed away, inventory has to be counted, bills have to be paid, lost and found has to be sorted, etc………. Emails we receive from happy attendees is one of the best parts about the closing. We really appreciate them.
Parking has been a growing problem for us the last few years. We have been pushing the Convention Center to find more parking but, as evidenced this year, they did not come through. The parking – or lack of – is really controlled by the city of Ontario. I believe that they should be working on a solution to the problem, NOW.
This is where you come in. Please email info@road2ca.com and tell us if you had a problem. I would like to forward the comments to the management at OCC and to the city council. You, the customer needs to make your voices heard. We are striving to make the show even better.