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I am a challenged technology person. I haven’t posted lately because I could not remember how to post pictures or videos. And we have been really busy in the office. Quilts are coming in, last minute registrations, lots of questions and on and on.
This past year I went to google to look for black string or twine to use to hang the quilt poles. If felt that black string on black drapes would make the best presentation. Well my google search did not turn up any black string except for “black string bikinis”. Wouldn’t that have created an interesting show? My grandson (the younger ones seem to have better luck with technology) finally found a company that had black rosary twine which we ordered. The black rosary twine is sold by a company that manufactures twine for fishing nets. A real roundabout search!!
I also went to google a couple of years ago and typed in my name and lo and behold I came up. I was so surprised. Tried my ex-husbands name and he did not come up. HA HA. I came up because I had made several appearances over the years on Simply Quilts with Alex Anderson. Well now that they have pulled the shows and are not showing reruns seems that my name is not as high on the list. Now when I type in my name a young and upcoming porn movie star comes up.
We couldn’t do this business without our web site and our computers, but using technology can give some interesting results.

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