The Three R’s: Rest, Relaxation, and Road

Being a quilting fan can get pretty exhausting. Meandering through exhibits, vendor booths, and the various other activities at Road requires a lot of standing, walking, and just plain moving around. Not to worry. Joyful Healing has been available to provide guests with a little rest and relaxation break. From Orange, California, Joyful Healing is a completely mobile massage therapy program with lots of experience dealing with quilters and their unique needs.massage__i4c5887

Certified Massage Therapist, Dawn Castiglione, says quilters are her favorite group to massage because their energy is positive and uplifting. Dawn especially appreciates how quilters are always on time for their appointments and that they always have exact change. She attributes this to the fact that quilters are so precise in all they do.

What is the most requested service by quilters at Road? Feet massages, of course. Next are neck and shoulder massages due to carrying heavy bags or from leaning over sewing machines in the classes. Also popular are hand massages. All that attention to fine handiwork can take its toll.massage__i4c5903

There is nothing better than a little massage to reinvigorate a creative quilter.

What do you do to rejuvenate yourself during a quilt project?


2 thoughts on “The Three R’s: Rest, Relaxation, and Road

  1. Melanie Dreike

    Thank you for being at Road to CA and making such a big to do over my black & Whitaker quilt!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Cindy Robertson & Dawn Castiglione

      We are still talking about it. We were so happy to meet you and to hear the story of the subtle green thread. If you ever want to sell it, let us know.

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