The Jury Process at Road

As far as I know we are the only show that juries the entries on the Internet. We have three quilters who jury the entries. I am one of the jurists; another is in Virginia and this year another was in Massachusetts. Dave has written a program that allows us to do the process by computer. Sometimes we actually look at the quilts in our “Jammies” at home.

I feel that our jury is very well balanced. Traditional Quilts really appeal to me. Our second jurist is involved in the jury and judging process in several national shows and is experienced in jurying both Traditional, Innovative and Art. This year our third jurist really enjoys the art aspect of quilting.

The computer divides the entries into categories. We the jurors can see the artist statement, methods of construction, design basis and both photos of each entry, but not the makers name or address. On the first pass through the category we can mark accepted, not accepted or undecided. We do not know how the other jurists are voting until after we have completed the category.

Our program accepts entries that all three jurors accept, declines entries that all three jurors decline. Then we begin analyzing the entries that we differ on until we have accepted our maximum number.

Our judging takes place just two days before the show begins. We can only accept the number of quilts that can be judged within the two days. That is how we determine how many quilts to accept. Sometimes to reach that number we have to eliminate some really good quilts. And that certainly was the case this year!!

71 thoughts on “The Jury Process at Road

  1. Marylee

    Should I assume that my rejection letter is lost or am I still in the running? As far as I know I have not received any communication from Road. I met the deadline for entry. Is it an online letter or does it come by mail?

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  5. Betty

    Hi Carolyn,

    I haven’t received word if my quilt has made it to CA yet or not. I sent it December 8 by FedEx ground (from NY). Can someone check on this for me please? Thanks!

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    Middleburgh, NY 12122
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  6. Betty

    Hi Carolyn,

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