The Jury Is In

The Quilters’ Showcase is one of the highlights of Road to California. We love providing the opportunity to display and honor up to 250 original quilt masterpieces that bring not only recognition to accomplished quilters, but some nifty cash prizes too.  For 2013, over $30,000 in cash prizes is at stake.

How does a quilt make it to the convention center floor?  This year’s process began almost as soon as we turned off the lights to the 2012 Road to California. Applications explaining the rules and the eight eligible categories became available late last winter. Prospective entrants had until October 1st to submit the required paperwork along with digital pictures of their quilts for jury consideration.    

Technology has made the jurying process more streamlined.  A special computer program was specially designed for Road to California to insure a process that is secure and fair for all entrants.  Three jurors are selected each year from around the country who have experience with quilting as well as art. Each of the jurors view anonymously the digital representations for every quilt submitted in every category.  Consideration is given for workmanship, design and use of color.  The quality of the picture and the way a quilt is visually represented truly aids a juror in making their decisions.  All entries are given a rating of either Accept, Reject, or Undecided. Individual jurors can also make additional comments regarding an entry or even suggest a category change. When all the quilts in a particular category have been rated, each juror can then view the other jurors’ comments and decisions.  In order to be accepted for the showcase judging, a quilt must have a unanimous vote from all three jurors.  A second round of jurying is conducted to re-examine all Undecided votes to determine whether those quilts will receive a new Accept or Reject status.  Jurying is completed when the available number of quilts for judging and floor space has been reached.      

Jurying for 2013 is currently going on. All entrants will be notified by email on or around December 1st of their status.  We are so excited to see which quilts will be on display at Road to California. How about you?

                                                                                                                                                        Best of Show 2012- Molly Y. Hamilton-McNally



4 thoughts on “The Jury Is In

  1. SewCalGal

    I am looking forward to seeing which quilts made it thru you jury process and will be displayed. But, having shadowed your judges, I’m also confident that your process is fair. And I hope more quilters/fiber artists will enter. While you may receive feedback from judges showing why your quilt didn’t win, everyone needs to remember it is a difficult process to judge as all the entries are beautiful. Judges are fair in looking at all the entries and give feedback relative to the entries. A quilt may not make it/may not win, based on the other quilts that are entered that particular year. Still, embrace the process and feedback from the judges and enter again. Every entry helps move the quilter/fibre artist to achieve a higher level, as well as helps to make our world of quilting that much more fun.


    1. Caryn Payzant Post author

      Your observations are appreciated. All entries are beautiful in their own right. It does depend year to year how many quilts go forward. Sometimes there are several quilts that are similar in design that are entered in the same category. The jurors are careful to make sure there are a variety of quilts going forward to be judged.

  2. Jerry Granata

    Caryn, thank you SO MUCH for this informative article! Since I have three quilts entered into the show, it is exciting to read the background on how they will be juried.

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