The Canvas Cafe

Remember the tent from last year? This year all vendors will be inside the Convention Center. However in order to accomodate all of you the OCC decided to use the tent as alternate food service and extra seating. I have named it “The Canvas Cafe”.
They are offering a hot lunch in the Canvas Cafe.
Thursday will be a Mexican Buffet featuring fajitas and a salad with beans and rice, dessert and beverage.
Friday will be an Italian Buffet with Penne Pasta, a salad, meatballs fresh vegetables dessert and beverage
Saturday will be a soup, salad and Potato Bar, Dessert and beverage.
Sunday a Mexican Buffet No. 2 featuring a salad, beef and chicken make your own tostadas, dessert and beverage.
The cost is $12 for one trip through the buffet.
Premade sandwiches will be sold in the hall.
Although food will be available at the rear of the exhibit hall, you will have to take it to the tent to eat.
Also, they will be offering box lunches on the second floor above the south lobby. Class students may purchase a box lunch and eat in the classroom as long as there are two people in the room.
Wow, seems like there should be something for everyone.
Enjoy the show!

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