For many years “The Fabric Patch”, our quilt shop, was a vendor at the AQS quilt show in Paducah, KY. We would pack our van with lots of “stuff” and drive cross country to the show. We would always stop in Oklahoma City so my mother could visit with her two sisters, one was a twin. A favorite part of our drive was going across southern Missouri where the redbud trees and the dogwood were in bloom. While in Paducah we always drove their city tour to see the dogwood trees in bloom. Many homeowners lighted their trees at night and they were spectacular. One year I went to a nursery and bought some dogwood trees to bring home. Southern California is definitely not the favorite growing spot for dogwoods, but mine have survived. This is the first year the pink dogwood has bloomed. It is still not a very large tree but it is trying. The pansies are blooming their heads off and the lemon tree is full of lemons and lemon blossoms. Did you know that the lemon tree is the only tree in the world that has blossoms, immature fruit and ripe fruit on the tree all at the same time?