Souvenirs and More at the Road Booth

You are coming to road with your to-do list in hand: Attend classes — Buy fabric and supplies — Network with old and new friends — Have a fabulous time.  But wait…there is one more thing to add:  Souvenirs. Who doesn’t like to travel and bring home a souvenir either for themselves or for someone left at home? 

Road to California has their own Souvenir Booth (1H) that is loaded with inexpensive gifts for you, your guild friends, your sewing buddies, or anyone else that couldn’t make it to the quilt show this year.  Here is a preview of some of the great stash that will be available to purchase at the booth:

For just $1.00, you can buy a handy, Scant 1/4″ Seam Ruler.quarter inch seam ruler

Check out the beautiful Tote Bags.  Use your bag at Road and when you get home.bag and tag

 There are great Tags to make sure you don’t lose track of your tote bag, luggage, or anything else.flipper

Remember, one of Stevvi’s “Five  Tips for a Successful Quilt Conference” was to utilize a Badge Holder.badge holder 2

If you collect Road to California Conference Pins, purchase them at the booth. Roadie pins

And Free to Everyone, are these Bookmarks, highlighting the important dates to keep in mind for next year’s event.bookmark

One last thing, don’t forget to buy some yummy Caramels to enjoy while you are at the show.  When Carolyn and her mother owned their quilt store, they always had homemade caramels on hand to sell to their customers. Carolyn has continued her delicious caramel tradition here at Road.caramels

We will be looking for you at 1H, the Road booth.  Stop by to say hi, visit for a bit, and pick up some great Road to California souvenirs.