Quilt Design Classes

Learn quilt design techniques to enhance basic quilting in these two-day classes taught by Grace Errea:

4501G – Bird View Workshop – With “Free- Edge” Appliqué  on Thursday and Fridayquilt design

6701G – From Inspiration to Amazing Quilt Top on Saturday and Sunday

quilt design


There is no sewing machine sewing in either of these classes.

Grace Errea became proficient in her quilt design techniques because she was looking for a way to go beyond simple quilting. She was first introduced to quilting by a friend who was a hand quilter who encouraged Grace to give it a try.  Because Grace was a sewer who preferred using a sewing machine, she wasn’t all that interested in hand quilting, but she was attracted to the craft, so she decided to investigate other quilting methods and consequently caught the quilting bug.

Another influence with Grace’s quilt design techniques was the book, Art and Inspiration by Ruth McDowell. Grace found this to be ironic because while she is not a piecer, (in fact, Grace does not even like piecing) but she loved Ruth’s work and got started with her book.

Ultimately, Grace confides, her quilt design style is really the result of years of learning, experimentation, trying different techniques and reshaping them to her style. The quilt design phase is her favorite part of quilt making. Once her pattern is done, then she enjoys choosing the right textiles to execute the quilt design.  What is her least favorite part of the quit process? She laughs when she says the quilting.quilt design

A quilt teacher for the past eight years, Grace enjoys meeting and working with the people who attend her classes and seeing “the light bulb go on” for her students. Grace also enjoys gourmet cooking and gardening.

Grace will be coming to Road to California 2019 from nearby Laguna Niguel. She says that she will be solely focusing on her classes while at Road. Of her quilt design teaching, Grace shares that the reason why she teaches is “because in all the students I meet I am sure I have inspired a good number to do things that they would not have done without learning some of my techniques.  My techniques are totally original and developed by me so, being the only one teaching them I am hoping that they will be appealing to some students and they will go on and use the technique and even improve on them.”

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