Power Suits Aren’t Just A Fashion Statement

Quilt challenges can come from really strange sources.power suits 3

Take the Road to California Exhibit, Power Suits.  When art quilter, teacher and lecturer, Cyndi  Souder (www.moonlightingquilts.com)  was approached by a local tailor looking for someone to give his outdated fabric swatches to, her creative juices starting flowing and a quilt challenge was born. Teaming with JudyGula  of Artistic Artifacts,  they developed a theme, packaged the swatches, and offered them for free to interested quilters. suit challenge 1

Living in Washington D.C., the theme, “Power Suits,” was an obvious choice. Prospective quilters were asked, “What does power suits mean to you?” Based on their interpretation, 105 artists created 108 magnificent art quilts expressing their points of view.  The resulting quilts explored such diverse topics as politics, family, work life, playing cards, and super heroes.

The exhibit opened in October, 2011 and was originally housed at Artistic Artifacts Headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia.  Then, beginning in March, 2012, “Power Suits” became a traveling exhibit. power suits 4

Road to California is excited and proud to present “Power Suits” at this year’s conference.   

What does “power suits” mean to you? 

 Pictures courtesy of http://www.powersuitquilts.com/