New Employee???

Yesterday I when I walked down to the mailbox, I left the office door propped open so I would not accidentally lock myself out of the office. Erika had gone out to lunch with a friend. I picked up the mail, came back, closed the office door and proceeded to go about my business.
Erika returned from lunch and said “Grandma, we have a bird in the office!” Sure enough when we pulled back the vertical blinds in the reception area there sat a very frightened, very small black bird. It was trying valiantly to peck its way out the window. Erika brought me a fat quarter of fabric and I placed it over the bird. It was really quivering. I took it to the door and opened up the fabric and the little bird flew off to the nearest tree. I guess one could say the “new employee” has flown the coop. I wish I had taken a photo to share with you, but alas did not think of it.

2 thoughts on “New Employee???

  1. Anonymous

    Love the bird story! and enjoyed Road very much. Staying at a hotel covers parking for me. Thank you for all your good work and friendly people at registration.

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