Meet Kali Stone: Elementary School Quilter


Kali Stone is just 9-1/2 years old and already is quite an accomplished quilter. She inherited her love of quilting from her grandmother, Phyllis Morrow, who is the quilt display coordinator at Road. From the time Kali was very small, she watched her grandma quilt and wanted to try it herself. So Grandma Phyllis bought Kali a Hello Kitty Janome  model sewing machine when Kali was just six years old. That was all Kali needed to begin designing and sewing her own quilt creations.Kali2

Kali likes to incorporate “random ideas” into her designs. Her first quilt had a cupcake theme and was entered in a quilt show. Other themes Kali has featured include soccer, bugs, and Halloween. Kali is currently working on a dog quit for her Chihuahua, Duke, using several dog designed fabrics.

Quilting isn’t Kali’s only sewing projects. She has designed and made dog costumes for Duke and she likes to embroider too.Kali1

Like other devoted quilters, Kali came to Road to look at the quilts to get new inspiration. She also bought some crystals and charms, an embroidery kit from the African Folklore Challenge, and an ink set and stencils.  

Kali sees herself sewing “for the rest of her life.” She can’t wait to inherit her Grandma’s and Aunt’s stash to use for all her future creations.


9 thoughts on “Meet Kali Stone: Elementary School Quilter

  1. Deborah Levy

    What a beautiful young lady! I love to see the next generation falling in love with quilting. It’s also fun to see my Queen of the Nereids as the backdrop for this lovely young quilter.

    1. Caryn Payzant Post author

      Deborah- Kali chose where she wanted to be photographed. Another young sewer chose the same backdrop in the previous post. Your quilt was a hit with young and old quilters alike!!!

  2. Beverly Green

    Congratulations to my great niece. She is very focused and still loves many different things. It is so nice to know that the family legacy will continue.
    LOVE YOU, Kali!!
    Auntie Beverly

  3. Phyllis Morrow

    Thank you for this wonderful article. Kali is “sew” much fun and I am a blessed Grandma.

  4. Debbie Astle

    Kali I am so very proud of you. What an amazing skill you have. I so admire your Grandma Phyllis and her beautiful quilts. Keep sewing and enjoy your amazing skill. Lv ya Debbie

  5. Jerry Granata

    It does my heart good to see young people embrace quilting especially with such a passion for it. Congrats Kali. And congrats to Phyllis for passing on such an important part of our history!

  6. Denise

    Sounds like Kali is off to a good start, a sewing machine, fabric and her Grandma’s help.
    Best of luck with your next project and maybe I will see you on Project Runway someday.

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