Measuring Success

My goal when I started the Road Showcase was to bring a show to the West Coast that featured high quality quilts from all parts of the country. I believe that the show this year was outstanding and I hope you enjoyed seeing all the quilts. Another goal was having a vendor mall with interesting and exciting vendors. Watching you quilters leave with bags and bags of supplies leads me to believe that was successful.
Perhaps another dubious measure of success was having a large enough attendance to attract the “Petition Signature Gatherers”. I was so surprised when I found that they were outside the door trying to gather signatures. The Petition Gatherers have a Consitutional right to be there. I can assure you they were not invited by us. There is nothing neither the OCC management or Road management can do to get them to leave. If they block your entrance to the show or won’t take no for an answer then you as a citizen can complain to the police. We cannot complain for you!
I have found at other locations that a very sharp “no” usually gets them to leave.
We are already planning for the show next year which should be just as beautiful and exciting.