Long Arm Classes

Below is a quilt by Judy Wood?? showing a creative use of embroidery designs.  Judy we apologize for not getting your name.

Earlier this month Terry, Matt and I attended the Machine Quilters Showcase held in Kansas City, Kansas. A weather front went through while we were there and Terry experienced horizontal rain.  It is quite a sight from the ninth floor.  Luckily for us we did not have a tornado warning.   Matt landed at the airport just after the front went through.  He had lots of bumps and lightning. 

Long Arm Quilting is growing by leaps and bounds and these quilters are certainly adding a new dimension to our quilting world.  I particularly enjoyed the Traditional Quilts that were quilted very Traditionally.  From 10 feet away it was hard to tell if the Double Wedding Ring Quilt was hand or machine quilted.  Other quilters are doing a phenomenal job with whole cloth quilts, on some the thread colors created the design, others quilted and then painted the design.  
We also found some quilters who were using their embroidery designs in very creative ways.  Instead of just framing them in samplers, the designs were an integral part of a larger design. 

Quilt by Rene Haddadin
We were not only looking at quilts, but we were also scouting for vendors who offer tools and accessories for the long arm quilter.  We also had a chance to meet and talk with the teachers who will be teaching our **newly added** long arm classes.

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