Little Roadie

Little Roadie came by my desk today for a visit.  She has been on quite the journey the last few months traveling to Kansas City for MQS and Quilt Market then onto Arrowhead for the Road Staff Retreat.  Unfortunately, Carolyn forgot all about her, leaving her in a folder for the entire trip!  Needless to say, Roadie was not happy when she finally arrived on my desk.

Roadie couldn’t believe all the nick-knacks she found on my desk.  I’m a huge fan of New Orleans style Dixieland Jazz.  When I was younger my family had a Dixieland band that met every Sunday.  Our only “gig” was playing for  Survivor’s Day.  I liberated this little “Shell Band” from my aunt was going to just throw them away.

I got this little jewel from my Great Aunt.  She thought it fit my well since I’m already a year through law school.  I think this is great, and will soon be residing on the wall behind my desk!

I got another Roadie submission today, and will be posting it this week.  Don’t forget to download your own Roadie doll, and submit it to to be featured on our Backroads blog!