First Ladies and Friendship

Road to California and Eleanor Burns’ lecture, Tales of First Ladies,” was the means for bringing together two old friends.

Forty Seven years ago, Katherine Fletcher was a student in biology teacher, Sister Judith Wemmer’s homeroom at San Diego Rosary High School. After Katherine’s graduation, the two women stayed in touch as best as they could.  Katherine is a quilter and has attended Road for several years along with her mother and another friend. Katherine’s mom recently passed away and not wanting to attend Road this year by herself, Katherine thought to invite her old teacher to come to the show. Road was the perfect meeting place as Katherine currently resides in Redding in northern California and Judith still lives in southern California.

Judith, who is now 86 years old, didn’t have any problems driving in the rain to meet her old student. They spent the day walking around the exhibits, having lunch, and going to the lecture. With an interest in U.S. History, Judith had looked forward to hearing about all the first ladies and didn’t expect how entertaining the lecture turned out to be.

So how did their day turn out?  The two women got caught up with their friendship, Katherine was able to purchase some unique quilting tools, and Judith appreciated Kathy helping her learn more about the process and value of quilting.  friends

Quilting, friendship, and Road to California – a wonderful combination.