Do You Know The Way To Road?

It’s never too early to start planning on how you are going to get to Road to California 2015 – 20th Anniversary Show, January 22 – 25, 2015,   to visit over 200 vendors and view the many magnificent quilts. Perhaps you might want to consider coming by bus. What could be more fun than traveling with a group of friends, saving time and money, not having to worry about finding a parking spot, and best of all, leaving the driving up to someone else? 2_22T3731

Attendees coming to Road on a pre-arranged bus trip save $5.00 on their entry ticket and receive a complimentary Show Program. The person organizing the tour gets a free admission bracelet as a thank you for organizing the trip.4_22T3745

For Sharon and Ann from the Central Coast in California, Road 2014 was the third time they have come to Road on a bus. Their last trip was arranged by The Quilt Attic and included other members from their Gold Coast Quilt Guild. Why do they like coming by bus? Says Sharon and Ann, “It’s inexpensive and an easy going way to travel.”  While on the bus, they review the Show Program and plan out which vendors to hit first. 

Did you know that Road can help you arrange a bus tour?  Groups of 30 or more can register online by filling out an interest form on the Road website. Payment has to be made in full, by check only, to Road to California by January 1st.  Should some of your bus group have to cancel at the last minute, Road provides a way to be reimbursed for their entry ticket upon arrival at the show. You can even have Road publicize your bus group on their website if you indicate it on your form. An added fun benefit!!!bus

Save time, money, and worry. Consider coming to Road to California’s 20th Anniversary Show by bus. It’s a great travel alternative.