Destination Road: Sister Reunion

For the past 12 years, the Kellis sisters have made Road to California their reunion destination. Hailing from three different western states, this year’s reunion also included a member of their family’s next generation, a daughter/niece who came from New Mexico.Kellis

Each of the sisters (and niece) are avid quilters but they have individual preferences for the fabrics and techniques they like to work on. Their interests include Antique, Appliqué, Embellishing, Modern, and Piece-work quilting along with working with Wool and Batik fabrics. Kellis2

Why is Road their favorite reunion destination? It is the perfect place to leave husbands and children behind, get inspiration, and see a ton of quilts on exhibit. Finding out about and buying the latest quilting tools, is also a favorite activity of the sisters. One year, they researched and purchased together a long arm quilting machine. This year, their purchases included a special foot for their sewing machine that aids in sewing curves and a handy tool that does a great job securing fabric for rotary cutting. Kellis3

For the Kellis sisters, quilting is a shared passion. Being together, under one roof, among fabulous quilts and other quilters at Road to California, is the perfect combination for a perfect reunion. 

Did you meet up with people from other states at Road? Where did everyone come from?


4 thoughts on “Destination Road: Sister Reunion

  1. Deborah Levy

    How wonderful is that! I have 3 sisters and also my Mother that are quilters…the two younger sisters aren’t able to travel to shows much due to family obligations; my mother no longer can either. But my sister Mary goes with me when she can.. we always have a fabulous time.

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