Classes at Road

As of this morning Road has 16 sold out classes and events! I would like to take some time and give you some insider tips on getting the best classes and being the first to know when we have added classes and/or have open spaces.

Road periodically sends out an email newsletter. If you are signed up for classes, have signed up for classes in the past or entered the contest in the past you should get the newsletter. We will have this information on file, so you don’t need to resign up.
One of the jewels of this years road show is a Saturday class we are offering. This is a “Mommy and Me” class. The class is number 6005 and is taught by Christal from Christal Carter which will be located in booth 1216. This class allows you to bring a daughter, granddaughter, son, grandson or whatever youngster in your life that is excited to learn a little about quilting! You will need to bring one sewing machine for the two of you to share! The cost of the class includes a name badge for your “sewing buddy” so they can enjoy the show with you!
Did you know that Road is now offering Hands on Longarm class all week? Handi Quilter has generously provided machines for the entire conference. Hurry and sign up before these classes fill up!
Our online system is so advanced it can now accept waiting lists for classes and lectures. You can wait list the same was as you can sign up for classes at We have already filled spots from the waiting lists, so don’t be bashful to put your name on one!