Celebrating National Quilting Day

What could be more fun than celebrating the hobby you love most?

National Quilt Day’s roots began in 1989 when the Kentucky Heritage Quilt Society organized a “Quilters’ Day Out” on the third Saturday of March to celebrate the rich tradition of quilt making in Kentucky. In 1991, the National Quilt Association officers were so enthused with the concept and success of the Kentucky “Quilters’ Day Out,” that they voted to take it to a national level. The first National Quilting Day was observed in 1992 and since then it has grown into a global celebration for all quilt makers and quilt lovers.National Quilting Association

The third Saturday in March is officially designated as National Quilting Day, but over the years, observance of National Quilting Day has unofficially expanded to the whole month of March! This year the twenty third annual celebration will be held March 15, 2014.

The National Quilting Association offers lots of ideas on how to celebrate National Quilt Day: 

  • Make it a service day and work on a quilt for your favorite cause.
  • Organize an exhibit for your local library or historical society. Exhibit quilts, tools, books, etc. Donate books to the library.
  • Organize a quilt history day or a quilt documentation project.
  • Offer to teach a simple quilt project to a school, 4-H, scout, or other youth group, or spend the day passing along your love of quilting to your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or neighbors.
  • Contact a local senior citizens group or facility and organize a show and tell of their quilts and yours. Or sponsor a sewing day to make lap quilts for seniors. Turn it into an oral history project to gather quilters’ stories from your community.
  • Contact your local hospital and make arrangements to donate a baby quilt to the first baby born on National Quilting Day.
  • Create “goodie” boxes of sewing supplies and make arrangements with a local women’s shelter or recreation center to donate supplies or offer a beginners’ class.
  • Curl up with a favorite quilting book like Jody BarrowsThreads of Change or Threads of Home.
  • Make the official 2014 National Quilting Day Project, Stash AttackStash Attack

Wishing you a fabulous National Quilting Day!!!

How will you be spending your National Quilting Day?