Boy Scout Thank You

The past few years 2 Boy Scout Troops have helped at Road. One troop helps vendors “haul” their merchandise in and out at the show. Another troop mans the Sack Sitters Booth.
Last week I ran into the leader of one of the troops. He greeted me with “There’s the quilt lady.”
Then he preceeded to tell me that “thanks to you and your quilters, we will be going to camp in a couple of weeks.” The other troop is also using your donations to go to camp. I thought that you quilters would like to know that your donations are appreciated and that they are used for a good purpose.
Thanks to all of you!!!

2 thoughts on “Boy Scout Thank You

  1. becky gallup

    i so enjoy haveing the boy scouts at the show…the leaders are always friendly and (there more than the boys actually, do to school schedules!)., however, the boys are great when they are there and it so sooooo nice to not have to haul everything around with you all day….they are fun to give a decent ‘tip’ to..they earn it!!~

  2. Margaret Booker

    I appreciate the opportunity to have my bags “baby sat” while I enjoy the vendors. It works so well and there is always plenty of help so there is rarely a long line to wait.
    It would be great to have them at ALL major shows/Festivals.

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