Behind the scenes at registration

Terry and Matt and Carolyn processing registrations. Terry is manning the credit card machine and Matt is entering class requests in the computer. I am in the corner working on email replies.

Just one of many stacks of your registrations. They will eventually all be filed in six 4″ notebooks.

Rachel (not shown) is mailing confirmations. They have been mailed in no particular order. Not alphabetically or chronologically so if your friend gets hers and you do not. Please don’t panic. We hope to mail all of them by early August.

One thought on “Behind the scenes at registration

  1. cathy

    Hi Carolyn, Last year I attended Bob’s lecture about threads. It was great — entertaining and informative. I was disappointed that it was not on the schedule this year. I was hoping to attend again this year with several friends. I see that Superior Threads is a vendor this year. Any chance that he will be added to the schedule?

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