Are You Roadie Material?

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Any big undertaking requires many people working together to insure an optimal experience and Road to California is no different. After all, there are only so many members of the Reese family to go around and there are so many tasks that need to be attended to during “The Best in the West” Quilters’ Conference.  While there are a few paid employees outside of the Reese family, a majority of the service given during the week-long event is provided by our wonderful volunteers, affectionately known as Roadies.

Roadies volunteer a minimum of two hours per shift during the course of the quilt show. Their contributions include setting up the quilt displays prior to the show’s opening, closing down the exhibits each evening of the show, and the most important need: serving as white glove hosts throughout the event. In order to qualify for a Roadie position, an individual needs to be 18 years of age, in good physical health, and be able to stand and walk for two hours at a time. These requirements are necessary for Road to California’s insurance requirements.white glove

Because our Roadies are so essential to the success of Road to California, gratitude is shown not only in hugs and words of appreciation, but with some additional perks as well. Depending on the amount of time served, Roadies can receive Multi Day Admission tickets, a Special Event or Lecture Ticket, or Priority Registration when enrolling online for the 2014Class Sessions.

Perhaps the most fun honor for being a Roadie is receiving a coveted “Roadie Pin” with specially designed bars for each year served.  When you see a Roadie wearing the Road to California pin adorned with collector bars, you know that they have volunteered a minimum of four hours to the quilt show in a particular year.  During Road to California’s tenure, over 700 pins have been given out to wonderful men and women for their dedicated volunteer service. Many of our volunteers help out year after year. Not only do they enjoy the “free stuff,” but they report they like meeting other like-minded quilters, meeting the quilt designers, and learning about the quilts and the techniques used for the quilts they lovingly attend to.Roadie pins

We are always looking for additional volunteers to assist with the event. If you would be interested in serving at the 2013 Road to California, please fill out the volunteer form located on our web site:

Simply put: Road to California loves its’ Roadies.