A Shout Out to The Men At Road

Road to California attracts all kinds of patrons: old and young; locals and travelers; women, teens, children, and even men!!! What did some of our male guests think of Road 2014?men_at_road__i4c6033

Richard, from Sacramento, California, came to support his wife and carry her shopping bags. He enjoyed the “artistry” of the quilts.

Bill, from Whittier, California, came one day to help his wife manage her purchases. The rest of the week, he took care of his 97 year old mother-in-law so that his wife could attend the show for the entire week._i4c3410_copy

Louie came with his wife from Newport News, Virginia. Going to Road was their vacation destination. It was their first time coming to Ontario and the show. While his wife took quilt classes, Louie took a tour of the city. He thought the “weather was fantastic” and that the show was “awesome.” Louie was “amazed at what quilters can do.”

Earl Bunker, age 73, has been a quilter for 6 years. He was looking for something to do after retirement and actually started quilting before his wife. He has 7 sewing machines and uses them all in his projects including his grandmother’s 1882 Singer. He uses that machine for sewing straight stitching as it has a ¼” foot. Earl enjoys sewing quilts and tote bags for his granddaughters (none of whom sew – yet). At the show, he was interested in learning how to do paper piecing as he likes appliqueing. Earl loves the “variety” that Road has to offer.Earl Bunker

Have you brought the man in your life to Road?men_at_road__i4c5742