A heartwarming story

I received this email today and I asked Shirley Rickard if I could share her story.  

Here is her story in her own words.

I have been meaning to send you this email about my fantastic, and somewhat eerie, experience from the last Road to California Show.
Last year I did not get my first choices, but I’m glad. Sitting in my row in the Hands All Around class (my 2nd choice) was my sister’s roommate from college (she was a walk in) and my sister’s bosses wife (her husband was taking my 1st choice that day).  My sister, Peggy, died of cancer 7 months before.  I over heard the boss, his wife and her roommate talking, realizing that they all knew Peggy.  The roommate did not know that Peggy died, so the boss told her.  That was when I asked them if they were talking about a woman named Peggy who lived in Ridgecrest and who died of cancer last year; She is my sister. Debbie then said that she was her college roommate, and Margaret’s husband said that he was her boss before he recently retired.  It was the most exciting experience I have ever had. I mean, what are the odds of the 3 of use sitting in the same row in a class that was my 2nd choice and one that Debbie added at the very last minute? I found out later that the women sitting in front of me was so moved that she was crying. Debbie and I had lunch that day because she wanted to hear more about Peggy and her life. We also have kept in touch since the class. My Mom, Dad and older sisters all fondly remember Debbie from those college days and were floored when I told them my story.  I feel that Peggy worked hard to get all of us together for that class. Quilting does bring people together! Thank you for being a major part of this fantastic story!

Sometimes we wonder why things happen the way they do. I was bummed when I did not get my first choice last year…Now I know why I didn’t.  I was meant to be in that class, sitting in that seat (I almost sat in front of the class), and Debbie and Margaret were also meant to be there, sitting in their seats.
I feel that this chance meeting was a gift that needs to be shared.  Thank you for helping me do that.
This is my 3rd year of attending classes at Road to California.  You definitely do provide a wonderful haven for women…and men!  Thank you!!!!

I have always felt that The Fabric Patch, the store Mother and I owned for 25 years, and now Road to California were my mission in life to provide a haven for women.  Many times when things were not going well, I would say a prayer and God would help.  I love producing Road to California.  I like to see ladies smiling as they walk around the show and stories such as Sharon’s are the icing on the cake.

God Bless!!

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  1. mahladybug

    This is exactly what life is all about! God does shine upon us and this proves it. There is a reason for everything even if we do not understand it at the moment it happens. Thank you for sharing this wonderful, heartfelt experience.

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