Little Known Facts,

We have put the 2009 Road to California Quilters Conference to bed. The bills are paid, taxes are done and all the other loose threads have been tied into neat little bows.

I thought you would like to know some fun facts about the show.

· The attendance over the four-day period was 17,000.

· The largest attendance was on Saturday, then Friday, then Thursday.

· Sunday was the least attended.

· More than 2200 hotel rooms in Ontario were booked.

· Over 5,000 cars were parked in OCC parking lots.

· 32 busses brought quilters from all over Southern California, Central California, Arizona and Nevada.

· 1,056 rolls of toilet paper and 180 rolls of paper towels were used.

· It took 64 rolls of black tape for electrical outlets.

· If you walked the whole show at least once, you walked almost 2 miles.

· You drank 120 gallons of milk and more than 9,500 bottles of water and soda.

· More than 1,500 salads were sold.

· You ate 1,152 hot dogs, 1,560 bags of chips, 782 pulled pork sandwiches, 300 bags of popcorn.

· 200 Dove ice cream bars. – You must not have known they had them for sale.

· 589 pounds of turkey breast were used in sandwiches.

· The average daily temperature was 75°.

· Road to California gave more than 2,000 candy bars to vendors as a treat.

· Attendees came from 28 states, 4 provinces in Canada. 6 other countries.

· Entries in the quilt contest were from 38 states, 4 provinces in Canada, Australia and Germany.

We have been working on classes for 2010 and will post a list of teachers as soon as we have the signed contracts returned to us.

Photos by Gregory Case.

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