Peggy Martin

Peggy Martin will be teaching 3 classes using the Quick-strip paper piecing method.


How many years have you been quilting?

I’ve been quilting for 28 years.


What motivated you to start quilting?

I had seen quilts in magazines, and as I had always been involved with sewing, was interested in making a quilt for my bed. I was a stay-at-home mom with a small toddler, and the adult ed center had chlld care! I could go to classes and my son could be in the children’s room, so it was a great opportunity to learn quilting.


Where have you traveled in your quilting teaching career?

All over the U.S.


What is the most, unusual, frightening, funny, frustrating experience you have had in your quilting career?

Probably the most frustrating thing was being at the mercy of the airlines last year when Continental cancelled all their flights. I was going to teach for the first time at Houston, and my flight was cancelled!! I just barely made it to my first class, and then my return flight was cancelled, too! It really taught me that you have to be ready for anything when you travel, and also that there are some things that are beyond our control, no matter how much we plan ahead.


Who is your favorite author?

My favorite author is Jane Austen.


What is the last book you read or are reading?

“The Miracle at Speedy Motors” by Alexander McCall Smith.


What is your birth order, only child, first, second, third, or ?? I’m the second of five children.


Where did you grow up?

I grew up in North Canton, Ohio.


Where did you go to college?

I went to college as a music major at Ohio State University and finished my degree at California State University, Long Beach.

 Do you have children – grandchildren?

I have two grown sons – no grandchildren yet!


Do you have any pets? 



What is your favorite food?

My favorite food – dark chocolate, of course!!


Do you have any other hobbies besides quilting?

I enjoy playing music on my folk harp, guitar, or piano – all these help me to unwind. I also enjoy beading, making necklaces and earrings.


What would be on your “bucket list” (like the movie) if you could do anything and money was no object?

If I could do anything and money was no object, I’d build myself the most fantastic quilting studio ever – tons of storage for my mountains of fabric, a fancy, large cutting table, and huge design walls all around the room. I’d also want space to set up several machines at a time, one for piecing, one for machine appliqué, and I’d even have room for a long-arm machine, just to quilt my own quilts! If it was possible to buy time, I’d want to have time to make more give-away quilts for our veterans, for the babies and children in hospitals, and other worthy causes. I make a few of these quilts a year, but never have time to make very many with my busy teaching schedule.


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