2013 Faculty Interview Series – Judy Woodworth

Judy Woodworth
Gering, Nebraska
Judy is one of our award winning Longarm Faculty for the 2013 conference.  She is teaching three “Pre-Show” classes on Monday Jan. 21 through Wednesday Jan. 23.  Her classes include: 1003 Dancing with the Sashing, 2003 The Art of Good Backfill, and 2006 FreeMotion Quilting Made Easy.  Her lecture, 8401 Don’t Explode Out of the Box is on Thursday.  Spaces are limited in 1003, 2003 and 8401(3006 is sold out), so hurry over and sign up while seats are available!

Matt: Where were you born and what is your birth order?
Judy: I was born in Wyoming and I am the second child of five children.

Matt: What motivated you to begin quilting?
Judy: I have always loved to sew and do handwork, embroidery, needlepoint, but never made a quilt. My sister quilted and I always wanted to make quilts but with five children of my full time job I didn’t begin quilting until I was 45 years old.

Matt: Describe your “quilting studio” — is there something in it that you just can’t live without?
Judy: It is usually very unorganized but I know where everything is. I love my Gammill quilting machine most. I have the whole basement so I have an 8 foot by 8 foot cutting and ironing table made with cotton and canvas and I have two large cutting mats I can put on it to cut.

Matt: Does anyone else in your family quilt?
Judy: Only my sister now but I taught all my daughters how to make a quilts. They have each made one or two and loved it but they are too busy with small children and full time jobs now. Two of my granddaughters are learning to quilt.

Matt: Do you have any other hobbies besides quilting?
Judy: My grandchildren are into sports and with ten of them I am kept busy following them. I love to read as well. I read ten books a month. Also love my dogs. My husband and I like to go to quilt shows too, of course.

Matt: Do you have children, grandchildren etc?
Judy: Ten. Seven of them live within two to four hours away. One grandson in Vegas, and two in. California. I miss them.

Matt: Do you have any pets?
Judy: I used to raise Westhighland white terriers and then later boxers. Now I have three spoiled dogs Trooper, Buddy a Boston terrier, and Shasa.

Matt: Do you have a favorite food, what is it?
Judy: Mexican food. But always fighting my weight so have been eating lots of salads lately. Since I like vegetables, not a problem.

Matt: What is your favorite recepe for entertaining?
Judy: Oh too busy to entertain.

Matt: What would be on your “Bucket List” if you could do anything and money was not an object?
Judy: Win best of show at a major quilt show. Its fun to dream. I have won some really nice quilting honors so I am pretty satisfied.
Places to see, Alaska. My husband and I honeymooned in Hawaii on his R and R from when he was in Vietnam Nam. We would like to go back.
One of my bucket lists happened this year when I won the Paducah Best LongArm quilting award and it went into the national Quilt Museum. You can see the quilt and several interviews if you go to utube and just type my name Judy Woodworth.

Matt: What is the best class you have taken?
Judy: My first class with LindaTaylor. She has been a big inspiration to me.

Matt: What is the funniest or most embarassing moment you have had happen while you were teaching?
Judy: I was teaching how to do cherry backfill in a hands on class and a student said it looked like a “butt hole”. Everyone in class couldn’t quit laughing and now instead a seeing a sweet cherry now I see her interpetation. Oh dear.

Matt: Where have you traveled in your quilting career? Any favorite locations?
Judy: I really enjoyed Portland, Oregon. On my day off when I was teaching we rented a car and enjoyed ocean.

Matt: What is the last book you have read, and who is your favorite author?
Judy: I just got through reading C. j.Box’s book series about a Wyoming game warden. There are about ten of them and you have to read them in offer. I really enjoyed the Hunger Game series, and I read romance and mystery movies, too. The last quilting book I read was by Gina Perkes.
I also just edited my second book. How to make quilting designs and patterns. It will be out soon. My Freemotion Quilting book is still one so AQS top sellers.

Matt: What’s the best thing about teaching?
Judy: Getting students really excited. Helping them to reach a higher level. I love giving real life tips for every day quilts as well as show quilts.