2010 Faculty

Pearl Periera



Pearl is the owner and designer of P3 Designs.  She will be teaching her appliqué methods in one two-day class and also a one day class.

Photo is of Pearl, on right, Nancy Amidon and friend on cruise to Cabo.



Carolyn:  How many years have you been quilting?     

Pearl:  18 years


Carolyn:  What motivated you to start quilting?           

Pearl:  I was going to a quilting class with my sisters.


Carolyn:  Where have you traveled in your quilting teaching career?   

Pearl: Mexican Riviera , Sea of Cortez, Texas , Nevada

Carolyn:  What is the most, unusual, frightening, funny, frustrating experience you have had in your quilting career?           

Pearl: While I was standing on stage during my quilt guild lecture, a gang member ran through the hall followed by a Sherriff yelling “down in front” and holding his gun. The gang member ran through the aisle carefully around the patterns table and around the quilt rack leaving the building. Funny thing was his pants were baggie and hanging so low that it impaired his ability to run very fast. He was arrested outside the building.


Carolyn:  Who is your favorite author?             

Pearl:  Don’t have one


Carolyn:  What is the last book you read or are reading?          

Pearl:  I am reading The Romance of the Patchwork Quilt in America by Carrie A Hall & Rose G Kretsinger


Carolyn:  What is your birth order, only child, first, second, third, or ??

Pearl:  second child


Carolyn:  Where did you grow up?       

Pearl: Texas, Hawaii, Californian


Carolyn:  Where did you go to college?            

Pearl:  Did not go to collage


Carolyn:  Do you have children – grandchildren?         

Pearl:  Seven – 3 boys, 4 girls


Carolyn:  Do you have any pets?           

Pearl:    cats


Carolyn:  What is your favorite food?   

Pearl:  chocolate


Carolyn:  Do you have any other hobbies besides quilting?       Pearl:  painting


Carolyn:  What would be on your “bucket list” (like the movie) if you could do anything and money was no object?           

Pearl:  Travel the world


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