2009 faculty

Martha Nordstrand, Surprise, AZ

Martha will be teaching four one day classes on hand appliqué techniques: Fabric-Scapes, In Stitches, Designing your own Floral Borders and Beautiful Containers. Martha will be also be demonstrating “The Great Glue Stick Caper” at Roundabout.

More about Martha:

Carolyn: How many years have you been quilting?
Martha: Off and on for over 50 years. I grew up with quilts as bed covers in the South and it is a family tradition to make and use quilts for beds, walls or any excuse to enjoy them in any form.

Carolyn: What motivated you to start quilting?
Martha: My love of fabrics and my Grandmothers, my mother as well as Aunts and family friends all encouraged me. Quilts were a part of my heritage.

Carolyn: Where have you traveled in your quilting teaching career?
Martha: Since I started teaching and designing late in life (ha ha) I have traveled mainly on the west coast. However, I have been to the East Coast as well as Texas, Florida and Alabama. I restrict my travel so I have precious time to quilt and design.

Carolyn: What is the most, unusual, frightening, funny, frustrating experience you have had in your quilting career?
Martha: No frightening but certainly frustrating because I see my designs and quilts as finished projects in my head and they are now “bumping in to each other”. As soon as I finish one quilt three more ideas show up like planes in a holding pattern. I try to land at least two or more a year but the big ones have to stay in the air a little longer. The last quilt I finished took 6 years to complete.. It is frustrating to see the ideas all done and finished before I even start them…I must have a twin in the quilting world because several times someone beat me to it on a design that was close to mine! We must have been inspired by the same thoughts or love of designing.

Carolyn: Does anyone else in your family quilt?
Martha: Every able person (women) in my family made quilts in some form or another but usually for actual bed covers or for practical use. What is your birth order, only child, first, second, third, or ?? I am the second child and first grand daughter. In the South this is important because she is the Heir to family traditions and treasures.

Carolyn: Where did you grow up?
Martha: I was born in Alabama and spent my early years and summers there. we moved to San Diego at the end of WW II and stayed there.

Carolyn: Do you have children – grandchildren?
Martha: I have four wonderful Children ( three boys and one girl) and 6 Grandsons and expecting another. No girls BOO HOO.

Carolyn: Do you have any pets?
Martha: No pets. After my last boy moved out, so went the dogs, cats, turtles, tarantulas, bugs (yes bugs! A Praying Mantis to be exact) ducks, snakes, rabbits, raccoons and more. Three boys can make a pet out of anything.

Carolyn: What is your favorite food?
Martha: Favorite food is most anything. I love to cook and that is one of my other hobbies.. I love Mexican, Italian the most but also love Chinese!

Carolyn: What would be on your “bucket list” (like the movie) if you could do anything and money was no object.?
Martha: A cruise around the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on a cruise ship.

Carolyn: Do you have any other hobbies besides quilting?
Martha: Cooking and having dinner parties with good food and good wine. I also collect dishes, close to 14 different sets as well as a plate, soup tureen collection…Love English Transferware, Spode and Wedgwood. I have at least 10 cupboards full of Teapots and cups, Chinese Imari and a beautiful collection of Oriental pieces.. Help! this all goes back to my Southern upbringing that one cannot have too many beautiful linens (quilts too!) or too many dishes.. I also collect books on embroidery and all forms of stitchery as well as costume design, china and porcelain, art and history… I have not sold any of my quilts. They are to give to my children to fight over!!!!!!!!