Pamela Allen, Kingston, ON, Canada

Pamela will be teaching four one day classes Fantastic Fabric Faces, Under the Influence, Art by the Half Dozen and My Quilt – My Rules. She will also be a demonstrator in the Roundabout.

More about Pamela:

Carolyn: How many years have you been quilting?
Pamela: I have been making fabric art since 2002, having been a painter for 2 decades.
Carolyn: What motivated you to start quilting?
Pamela: I just felt that some of my paintings and collage work looked like it would translate into fabric. Even tho’ I couldn’t really sew at the time, I just jumped in making fabric wall hangings and with the help of online quilters, began improving my sewing skills.

Carolyn: Where have you traveled in your quilting teaching career?
Pamela: I have traveled coast to coast in the US….from Maine to Houston to California. A very exciting teaching engagement was in Durban South Africa!

Carolyn: What is the most, unusual, frightening, funny, frustrating experience you have had in your quilting career?
Pamela: Hmmmm, there are a number of funny malaprops in my early fabric career as I didn’t know anything about traditional quilting. I once asked online what a “fat square” was! Duct tape was my friend in the early days as I had a $30.00 church basement machine where the feed dogs didn’t go down. Thus needed the duct tape!

Carolyn: Does anyone else in your family quilt?
Pamela: No one!

Carolyn: What is your birth order? – only child, first, second, third, or ??
Pamela: I am the youngest of two sisters.

Carolyn: Where did you grow up?
Pamela: I was raised in the inner city of Toronto Canada.

Carolyn: Do you have children – grandchildren?
Pamela: Lucky me…even though I have no children of my own, I married into 15 grandchildren. Most have been born after my marriage so I feel a bone fide Grandmother.

Carolyn: Do you have any pets?
Pamela: Alas, pets are not part of my home.

Carolyn: What is your favorite food?
Pamela: I like almost ALL food. In fact, I have done quilts on the subject. An easier task would be to say one I DON”T like…..which is green olives ( YUK!)

Carolyn: What would be on your “bucket list” (like the movie) if you could do anything and money was no object.?
Pamela: Travel to India. Travel anywhere FIRST CLASS.

Carolyn: Do you have any other hobbies besides quilting?
Pamela: Gardening, bike riding, cutting my own hair ( YIKES!)