Road 2014 Vendor Spotlight: The Junk Jeans People

Passing through the new Pavilion, there was one booth that made you feel like you were back in the groovy 1970’s. That booth was Junk Jeans._i4c4018

Owner Luveta Nickels is all about recycling denim jeans. When she was a young girl, Luveta began collecting jeans. At one time, she had over 3,000 pairs!!! She was looking for a way to repurpose them when recycling became the new vogue activity. It was a great way to make something for practically nothing. Her curiosity about the workings of zippers, tack buttons, rivets and even the purpose of holes in the knees, prepared Luveta in those early years, for cutting, ripping and tearing her current creations.Denim2

Each year, she adds new products to her line and strives to be “the first and the best.” Currently, her biggest sellers are her line of rivets Snap-N-Taps and Glamorus Grommets. Both come in a variety of colors and are versatile for casual clothing, children’s wear, quilts, and crafts.  The Snap-N-Taps are even reusable!!_i4c4021pg

Both products don’t require any tools to apply. Simply trace around a washer where you want to place the rivet or grommet. Next, use scissors to cut a hole in the middle of the tracing. Match a top and bottom grommet/rivet over the hole and snap in to place. They are that easy!!!  

Luveta lives in South Dakota on a working farm and helps her husband with his cattle operation. But these days, she is hardly home as she is gone promoting Junk Jeans. Luveta has patterns, books, notions and many television appearances to her credit. She most enjoys traveling internationally and throughout the United States teaching sewing classes of all levels but her favorite pastime will always be recycling old jeans._i4c4022pg

You can learn more about Luveta, the Denim Diva, on her web site: