Meet The Newest Reese Family Member

Introducing: Robert Glenn RuizCarie 4

Born July 22, 2014

10 pounds!!

22.25 inches

Proud Parents: Carie and Kevin Ruiz

(Carie is David Reese’s Daughter and Carolyn Reese’s Granddaughter)

Carie and Kevin live in Stafford, Virginia. They just moved in to a new house a couple of weeks before Robbie was born. Carie and Kevin have two other children: Kevin Junior (KJ) who is 4 years old and Laura who is 2 years old. Carie 5

While they had wanted to add to their family sometime in the future, Robbie was too impatient waiting and was an unexpected blessing. Carie was in labor about 6 hours. The baby was named Robert after Kevin’s maternal grandfather and Glenn after Carie’s paternal great-grandfather (Carolyn’s father). He is the fifth great-grandchild for Carolyn. Robbie was born with a full head of hair and the Reese dimpled chin.

Carie likes to sew and knit. She made this newborn sized cloth diaper:Carie 3

She knitted for Robbie two wool pants/soakers:Carie 2

and just finished a sweater vest for the Virginia winter:Carie 1

Great-Grandma Carolyn just happened to be back East for a business trip when Robbie was born. She and Stevii Graves went to visit Robert when he was 6 days old. This is what  Robbie looked like after they left:Carie 6

Congratulations to Carie and Kevin and their families.  




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