Take A Quilt Bus Tour With Us

One of Road to California’s most popular Special Events are the two quilt bus tours we sponsor along with The Traveling Quilters.

Our special quilt bus tours are always scheduled the day before and the day after the show to give traveling guests a quality event that fits with their travel plans. Quilters can explore quilting venues in the greater Los Angeles area without having to worry about renting a vehicle and/or battling the notorious Los Angeles/Orange County traffic.quilt bus tour

Lynn Crawford and Pam Overton, owners of The Traveling Quilters, have been leading quilt bus tours since 1990. Both Lynn and Pam are experienced quilters. They combine their love of quilting and travel in providing unique experiences for Road to California. Many guests have so much fun on their quilt bus trips, that they sign up year after year.quilt bus tour

Val and Mary Beth are from St. Paul, Minnesota. They met teaching in the same school district and have been quilting for 35 years. Since they retired, they have come to Road to California five times. Val has entered Road’s quilt contest each year she has come. She has won awards in three of those years. Road 2018 was their third Road quilt bus trip. One reason why they like taking the quilt bus tours is that they have no desire to drive in Los Angeles. Also, they enjoy the variety of the trips and are “open to anything.”quilt bus tour

Sue and Woody are from Ventura, California. They live just two miles from the horrendous Thomas fires that hit the area in 2017. Both are quilters; Sue since the 1980’s and Woody just recently when Sue got him into machine embroidery. They like coming to Road for the inspiration, vendors, and of course, seeing the quilts. Sue had been on Road’s quilt bus tour once before and said it was a lot of fun. She was looking forward to having Woody join her in 2018.quilt bus tour

Sisters Sandy and Jeanne almost missed the quilt bus tour at Road 2018. They were the last ones to hop on the bus for their Wednesday tour. Sandy lives in Springville, California and Jeanne lives in Washington State. Jeanne, a quilter for 12 years, got her sister interested in quilting but it was Sandy who heard about Road to California and the quilt bus tour. They were excited to experience everything the quilt bus tour had to offer.quilt bus tour

Even the bus driver likes being apart of Road’s quilt show tours. Roger has been a driver before. He likes seeing the quilters’ “excitement” when they board the buses. “Their happiness makes me happy,” remarked Roger.

For Road 2019, the quilt bus tour scheduled for Wednesday, January 23rd, will be making stops in Orange County at Hoffman California-International Fabrics, the warehouse for Purl SoHo, and one of Orange County’s premier quilt stores, the Orange Quilt Bee.

The quilt bus tour on Monday, January 28th includes stops at two iconic LA area fabric houses, RJR and M&L Discount Fabrics as well as a stop at The Batty Lady.

Plan to hop on board Road’s quilt bus tours. For more details, please visit our website.