Mickey Depre

Mickey Depre

Machine Quilting and Piecing Faculty

Mickey will be teaching classes 3004,4011,4013,5004,6006,7014
(Information about this class will be posted soon)

Matt: How long have you been quilting? What made you begin quilting?

Mickey: I have been quilting since 1987. As a daughter of an accomplished seamstress I have learned to love fabric, needle and thread from a very early age. The bicentennial quilts in 1976 (when I was 10) intrigued me and when I was married and spending evening s along (husband worked second shift) I decided it was time to learn to quilt. So I dove into the dusty books on the library shelves and taught myself.

Matt: Do you have a quilting studio?

Mickey: My studio is pretty much the entire basement of our home. It started out as a family room and slowly but surely I took it over and last year it got one last “remodel” and well…it’s my own slice of heaven on earth now!
Matt: What do you consider your quilting “specialty” or what makes you unique in the quilting world?

M: I am known for my whimsical art quilts..but truly I love and make traditional and art quilts. It is a joy to hear someone giggle when they view my art quilts. That makes my heart sing.

Matt: What is your favorite color schemes to work with?

M:I truly love all colors and as for schemes…I guess…just mixing commercial and hand dyed fabric (done by my dear husband Paul) together is my favorite. I find I can’t work exclusively just with hand dyes, as lovely as they are…well there are too many beautiful commercial fabrics out there that need a good home too. And I love the character/texture/movement that they bring to my work

Matt: What books or articles have you written?

M: Articles…to be honest…starting to lose track. The latest was just published in Professional Quilter . As for books…my book Garden Whimsy Applique is a technique /creativity book that discusses my method for machine appliqué and has 12 patterns (to which any style of applique can be applied) too! And I currently working on a new book….shhh….

Matt: What do you do while you quilt? Do you listen to music?

M: Music…oh yes! All types, rock, country, jazz, instrumental…my ipod is FULL. Podcasts too! And a funky thing that I listen to is my police scanner. I find it gives my brain just enough to hold it’s interest but I don’t get lost in it. Plus as a nocturnal person by nature I do a lot of studio work between the hours of 1am and 4am…very interesting police scanner time…that’s all I’m saying…lol.

Matt: What is your quilting inspiration?

M: Anything and everything has inspired a quilt. Current events to just a silly phrase someone has said. It is the spoken word that usually sets my creative muse into overdrive and half the time I have the image in my head before I can locate a pen and paper after hearing something.

Matt: What is the funniest moment you have had happen while you were teaching?

M: My first teaching gig was in Kentucky. And I was nervous. Of course..I’m only human. The class was Machine Quilting 101 and if was full..actually overbooked to the tune of 29 students. All were heads down about a few hours in working studiously…when Ruby (age 95 and bought a new machine just prior to class just to learn this technique…no pressure…) let out in a very loud voice. “HOT DAMN! I can do this!” the entire class bust out laughing and my life on the road has been a joy ever since.