Marilyn Badger

Marilyn Badger
St George, UT
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Marilyn will be teaching classes 1001, 1007, 2001 & 2007.

Matt: How long have you been quilting? What made you begin quilting?

Marilyn: Over 30 years. I picked up a copy of “Quilter’s Newsletter” in the late 1970’s and I was hooked.

Matt: Do you have a quilting studio?

Marilyn: Yes, we built a special room onto our house to house all my quilting stuff.

Matt: How big is your studio, and is there anything unique you keep in your studio?
M: Well, I have 12′ longarm machine, huge bins of thread, bobbins and industrial racks filled with fabric in the main room, then I have my two sewing machines, serger, cutting table, taptop computer and ironing board in a separate room attached to the longarm room. The unique thing I have hanging in my longarm room is a ceremonial kimono that I received as a gift from the President of Bernina Japan on one of my trips there to teach and work the Tokyo and Yokohama quilt shows.

Matt: What do you consider your quilting specialty or what makes you unique in the quilting world?

M: I was in the 1st class of longarm quilters, along with Linda Taylor, Marcia Stevens and Pam Clarke, who pushed the envelope and made longarm quilting acceptable in the quilting world back in the late ’80s and early ’90s. When we all purchased our machines they were mostly used to quilt bedspreads with edge to edge quilting all over them. We all saw no reason for that to be the case and each of us independently came up with out own way of dealing with our machines to make our quilting not only acceptable but competitive as well.

Matt: What is your favorite color schemes to work with?

M:I love color, period! All colors! Right now I seem to be doing lots of red/rust/green/blue combinations.

Matt: What books or articles have you written?

M: No books – not enough time to quilt and write books. I have written several articles for “Love of Quilting” magazine and contributed to articles about my quilts in other magazines.

Matt: What do you do while you quilt? Do you listen to music?

M:At one time I listen to lots of music but now I seem to like the silence when I quilt. I do listen to the radio sometimes when I’m pinning a quilt on or during one of my ripping sessions that can take quite a while.

Matt: What is your quilting inspiration?

M: I would say my partner, Claudia Myers, is a big inspiration to me. She comes up with fabulous designs just one after another. There are so many of them up there in her head and they are all so totally different. That keeps me on my toes because I want to have my quilting original on them all as well. Of course, there are some other big names in quilting who have been truly an inspiration to me as well as thousands of other quilters. Two that I can come up with from my early days of quilting are Charlotte Warr Andersen, and Caryl Bryer Fallert. Their work is perfection!!

Matt: What was the best class you ave ever taken?

M: I have not taken very many classes, but the ones that stand out to me were classes I took in Oregon in the early 90s from Moneca Calvert, Margaret Miller, Nancy Pearson and Marilyn Doheny and a 2-day class at Houston from Charlotte Warr Andersen.

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