David Taylor

David Taylor

David is teaching classes 3008, 4501, 6011, 7009

Matt: How long have you been quilting? What made you begin quilting?

David: I started quilting in 1999. I was encouraged to assist my friend Madeleine Vail in creating a charity quilt for our local chamber music festival. When the quilt sold for $25,000 at a silent auction, I was hooked. Nothing “made” me begin quilting. I have had a love affair with fabric since childhood. It just took me 40 years to figure out what to do with it. In July of 2009, I shifted my career as a graphic artist into a full-time quilter and quilt instructor.

M: Do you have quilting studio? How big and is there anything unique that you keep in your studio?

D: Quilting has taken over my life and my house. I live in a small apartment and my fabric stash dominates the entire space. I love keeping my fabrics on open shelves so I can always see them. And, yes, they are out of direct sunlight.

M: What do you consider your quilting “specialty” or what makes you unique in the quilting world?

D: The most appealing aspect of my work is my use of fabric and thread to create art quilts that appear to be paintings. I use hundreds of fabrics in my quilts and miles of variegated cotton threads.

M: What is your favorite color scheme to work with?

D: As my work is pictorial in nature, (pun intended) there’s not really a ‘color’ scheme chosen. I work from photographs and painstakingly recreate the color in the photos from hundreds of fabric choices. I do gravitate toward the colors provided by Mother Nature.

M: What books or articles have you written?

D: My first book is still being written, but I wrote an article about my technique for Machine Quilting Unlimited magazine in 2008.

M: What do you do while you work? Do you listen to music?

D: I am not a good multi-tasker. I can only work on one quilt at a time. And if I am quilting (which I enjoy doing more than anything else), then that is what I am doing. I love getting so involved in my work, that nothing else matters. All I’ve ever wanted is to live in the mountains and be surrounded by peace and quiet. I’m fortunate to have that now. Since the secret to machine quilting is finding your rhythm and relaxing into your design, I find music very distracting. As the tempo changes, so does your quilting speed. The words “background noise” is an inane concept to me.

M: What is your quilting inspiration?

D: I am inspired by my environment, living in Northwest Colorado. My actual quilting is inspired by the image I am creating.

M: What is the funniest moment you have had happen while you were teaching?

D: I am not sure I’ve had a ‘funniest moment” during my teaching. I do want my students to have ‘fun’ and enjoy what they are doing. As I’ve only been teaching for three years, I am learning more, I think, than my students are. I can only hope that with every workshop, I get better. It troubles me to think I have had students who have not enjoyed my classes or who were disappointed in my efforts. That is very hard for me to get past.

M: What was the best class you have ever taken?

D: I’m not a very good student and have only taken three workshops since I started my quilting journey. I can say I have learned something in every one of them. So, in that sense, they were all my best class. It’s hard to measure one experience against another. Learn something new as often as you can, and thank every teacher for the time they’ve shared with you.