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Charity Quilt Hand-Off

At Road 2017, Road to California sponsored its first Roadies Give Back charity quilt project to benefit cancer patients at the Robert and Beverly Lewis Cancer Care Center at Pomona Valley Hospital .

Before the show, Anita Grossman Solomon created a quilt block pattern just for this project and made it available for quilters around the country to sew the blocks that were going to be used for the project.

Anita is pictured along with Matt Reese and Matt’s mom, Shellee Reese, an administrator at the Cancer Care Center.

Then, on Saturday night of the show, quilters, some class teachers, and even a few vendors, got together in the Ontario Convention Center to sew the blocks together into lap size quilts as well as begin quilting the quilts.After the show, unfinished quilts were given to the Nite Owl Quilt Guild  to finish the quilting. In the end, 41 quilts  were completed.

On June 29, 2017, Road to California owner, Matt Reese, along with his wife Jennifer, presented to the Robert and Beverly Lewis Cancer Care Center the Roadies Give Back quilts which will be given to cancer patients receiving chemotherapy at the center.

Each unique quilt was folded into a Road to California reusable bag, accompanied with a card explaining the significance of the quilt and its care instructions.

While they were there, Matt personally distributed quilts to five patients including:

Joseph Derowen has been a patient at the center since December, 2016. He said that he “really appreciated” the gesture because 99.9% of the time, he is cold when he receives his treatment. He was looking forward to trading his “funky jacket” for the quilt to keep him warm. Joseph’s wife, Elaine, thought receiving the quilt was “very thoughtful” and was grateful that now her husband will be “wrapped in love.”  

Joyce is battling Breast Cancer. She knew that the quilts were “a lot of work” and remarked how beautiful hers was. Joyce commented that it was “very generous for the quilters to donate their time and materials.”

Petra de Leon has been battling Lymphoma since April. Petra replied in Spanish, “I am very happy to get this quilt. It is very pretty.”

Ray Hardy told Matt, “No one has ever given me a quilt before. This is cool.”

Road to California wishes to thank everyone who participated in this special project. They look forward to offering Roadies Give Back again in the future.

An Afternoon of Celebration


For the past four years, Road to California has been supporting the Robert and Beverly Lewis Family Cancer Care Center located at Pomona Valley Hospital by purchasing a table for their annual fund raising fashion show and luncheon at the Sheraton Fairplex.img_0001

Because cancer has struck the Reese family in the past, both Matt and Carolyn Reese feel that it is an important cause to support. In addition, Matt’s mom and Carolyn’s daughter-in-law, Shellee Reese, has worked as the Administrative Director for the cancer center for the past 15 years.

Carolyn’s guests included members of her extended family

Back row (l-r) Jen Reese, Matt Reese, Shellee Reese. Front row (l-r) Lee Ann Akers, Debby Bennett

Back row (l-r) Jen Reese, Matt Reese, Shellee Reese. Front row (l-r) Lee Ann Akers, Debby Bennett

As well as two friends who are both cancer survivors. Elainne Edwards is a 15 year thyroid cancer survivor who enjoys  making charity quilts. Lavella Fitzgerald, also a quilter, is a 15 year breast cancer survivor.

Elainne, LaVella, and Carolyn

Elainne, LaVella, and Carolyn

Being at the luncheon brought back emotions for Lavella. ” It is wonderful to be with so many survivors today and to know that everyone is working for a cure.”

The day included a delicious Asian theme luncheon followed by a fashion show where the models were each cancer survivors in their own right. Men and women modeled three outfits: casual, business, and formal. They were joined on the runway during the business section with the health professionals who they credited with helping them overcome their cancer. Then, for the last segment, each model chose a family member who was especially supportive during their cancer journey to walk with them down the runway. Each model’s story of courage in their trials was very inspiring for all in attendance.

At the end of the event, Elainne remarked, “It encourages me to see the support of this community and know that you are not alone.”

Road’s support for this important community center will continue at Road to California 2017 when they will hold their first Roadies Give Back evening of service on Saturday, January 21st beginning at 7:00 p.m. roadies-give-back2

The goal for the evening is to make and quilt as many charity quilts as possible to donate to the Robert and Beverly Lewis Cancer Center. Sewing machines will be set up in several rooms and guests can choose to participate by helping to put together quilt tops, quilting the quilts, or finishing the quilts.saturday-january-21-7-00-pm

The Roadies Give Back quilt block design was specially created by Road 2017 faculty member, Anita Grossman Solomon.  In order to speed things along that evening, Road is asking for the quilt blocks to be made ahead of the show and delivered to their office starting December 5th. Whether or not you plan on attending Road 17, anyone can participate by making as many quilt blocks as they would like, following the approved design.

Road to California is honored to give back to the Robert and Beverly Lewis Cancer Care Center, where there is found “A passion for healing. A love of giving.”

For more information regarding Roadies Give Back, please visit our website.





Giving Back At Road 2017

“The life of a man consists not in seeing visions and in dreaming dreams, but in active charity and in willing service.     Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Road to California has teamed up with the Robert and Beverly Lewis Cancer Care Center in Pomona, California and Anita Grossman Solomon, one of our Road 2017 Faculty, to make as many quilts as possible on the Saturday night of Road 2017. All quilts produced that night will be given to cancer patients at the center on behalf of everyone participating with this wonderful cause.roadies-give-back2

The Robert and Beverly Lewis Cancer Care Center was chosen as the recipient of Road’s night of service because Show Director Matt Reese’s mom, Shellee Reese, has been a long time employee at the center. Roadies have supported the center in the past, casting votes for the award winning video that won valuable donation dollars to the center in 2014.

Linda Rasmussen is overseeing the project and the Sew-A-Thon that will take place Saturday, January 21st beginning at 7:00 PM. Linda has been a volunteer at Road in the judging room for 17 years.  She joined Road to California’s staff last year, first as Ribbon Clerk in the judging room and now the Coordinator for Roadies Give Back.

Linda says the goal for Roadies Give Back is to supply lap size quilts to the patients of the Robert and Beverly Lewis Cancer Care Center.  The quilts will be made from a block designed by Anita Grossman Solomon especially for Road to California.  Road to California fans and attendees throughout the United States and overseas are invited to make the blocks prior to the show.  Then, on January 21st, all of the blocks received will be assembled into quilt tops, quilted and prepared for donation to the Cancer Care Center. During the evening there will be door prizes and raffle prizes along with yummy treats.

How can you be a part of this worthwhile event?saturday-january-21-7-00-pm

  • Tell a friend.

Share this blog post in an email, with your social media or with your guild. Linda has already started to visit guilds in the area. She says the response “has been enthusiastic.”

  • Make a square (or two or more!!)

There is no limit to the amount of blocks you can contribute. A raffle ticket will be given for each square donated. We will start accepting squares at Road’s office beginning December 5, 2016. Mail them in, roper them off, or bring them to the show.

  • Register for the event.

Go to our website and sign up to assist with either piecing (class 9600C), domestic quilting (class 9601C), longarm quilting (class 9602C) or finishing (class 9603C).

A nominal $10 fee will be collected at the time of registration. Half the fee will go to directly to the Cancer Center and the other half will be applied to deferring costs for supplies for the evening.

  • Join in the fun.

Stay at the show after the classes have finished and the vendors have closed. Machines will be provided for the night. Guests are encouraged to bring thread, snips, pins and any other items that makes sewing more productive for them.teachers_classrooms__i4c5741

We hope you will want to be a part of this very special event. As Linda says, “It is a great opportunity to show support to people who need to know that we are all working toward making their challenge of facing cancer just a bit less intimidating.  Something to keep you warm, made with love, showing support, is a visible way to make a difference in someone’s day.”

To learn more about Roadies Give Back including getting the pattern for the squares and where to send them when you are done, please visit our website.



How To Win 4 Days Of Road Classes And 4 Hotel Nights At Road 2017

Did you know there are TWO WAYS to win 4 days of classes, 4 nights stay in a hotel, and first pick for registering for the Road classes you choose?

The first way to win this great prize is to enter during the 18th Annual Southern California Quilter’s Run which will be held June 16th – 19th and June 23rd – 26th,

Visit all 24 participating quilt stores during the Quilter’s Run, have each store stamp the official Score Card, and turn the Score Card in at the last store visited. One lucky winner will be chosen as the Grand Prize Winner of 4 days of classes at Road 2017, a 4 night stay at a local hotel near the Ontario Convention Center, and first pick for registering for the classes before registration is open to the public. Last year’s winner of the Quilter’s Run Grand Prize sponsored by Road to California was Tom Preston of Apple Valley, California.

How else can you enter to win first choice of registering for 4 days of classes and 4 nights at a local hotel for the next Road to California Show? Come to Road 2017 and enter the Tin Lizzie Contest.10449936_687061004663732_9059865355839369205_n

That’s exactly what Sherryl Zurek did at the Road 2015 Show. Sheryl had attended Road for “at least 15 years.” She entered the contest because her friends were entering, and as Sheryl put it, “If you don’t enter, you can’t win.” Sheryl did not expect to win so when she heard she had won, she thought someone was playing a trick on her.  “I was flabbergasted!  Then I became very excited.  It meant a lot to me to win because my young dog had passed away 2 months prior and my car with all my sewing gear had been stolen 1 month prior.  I really looked forward to going to Road 2016. Whenever I got sad, I reminded myself that I had the retreat coming up!”

The classes Sherryl picked at Road 2016 were: The Thrill of The Fill by Linda Taylor changed to background Fills by Karen Sievert; Carry On Travel Bag by Annie Unrein; Mystical Shapes by Jamie Wallen; and Feather Fills by Laurie Tigner. She chose the 3 longarm classes to help her improve her quilting and took the carry-on bag class because she wanted a custom travel bag.Sherryl Zurek

Sherryl felt her classes gave her confidence to do some really neat quilting. She remarked that the teachers were very inspiring, and helped all their students to recreate some of the techniques they used.  She added, “My fellow students were very friendly; it was like getting back together with friends you haven’t seen for some time.”

New Quilting Friends (l-r) Robin McKnight, Michelle Shook, and Sherryl Zurek

New Quilting Friends (l-r) Robin McKnight, Michelle Shook, and Sherryl Zurek

Even though Sherryl just lived 45 minutes from the Ontario Convention Center, she loved staying at the Road hotels because she didn’t have to make the drive each day and didn’t have to get herself up so early to make it to her classed. For Sherryl, it was “like a mini-vacation.”

What did Sheryl think of the experience? “I had the most wonderful time at Road on my Retreat this year.  Road is an amazing quilt show!  I highly recommend attending and taking classes, for everyone. I learn something new in every class I go to.  I also highly recommend signing up for the drawings; you never know when it might be your name that is drawn!”

And so it continues…

At Road 2016, the winner for the Tin Lizzie Road to California Retreat was Mary Van De Brake, a resident of San Dimas, California. Mary said she entered the contest because “she was excited about Tin Lizzie’s shorter, 5 foot long arm machine. I completely forgot about (entering) as I never seem to have my name drawn. I was ecstatic when Carolyn Reese called and told me that I had won.”

Mary has never taken a class at Road before. She wants to sign up for a doll or fairy class as “they are hard to come by locally.” By staying in a hotel, “I don’t have to worry about parking.” Mary has already shared “this adventure” with many of her friends and can’t wait for Road 2017 to get here.

Thank you to Tin Lizzie and Road to California for sponsoring these once in a lifetime prizes.

Will you be the next winner? You won’t know if you don’t enter!!

Road 2016 Special Services: Quilt Appraisals

Once again, representatives from the Professional Association of Appraisers-Quilted Textiles will be on hand to give qualified appraisals for any attendee. Appraisers are certified by the American Quilters Society. For a nominal fee, they will give verbal or written notification of a quilt’s value.

Violet V

Photo courtesy of Gregory Case Photography

Violet Vaughnes, AQS (American Quilters Society) Certified Quilt Appraiser and member of PAAQT (Professional Association of Appraisers-Quilted Textiles), is leading the appraisal team at Road 2016. She enjoys “not knowing what the next quilt I see will be and the satisfaction of helping the customer when they say they learned a lot about their quilt.”

Violet explains there are four benefits to having a quilt appraised:

1) Insurance replacement for shipping loss and protection while hanging in a show;

2) Donation value for a museum or a charity;

3) Fair market value- getting an idea of what a quilt MIGHT sell for in today’ marketplace; &

4) To accompany a quilt being gifted.

What can guests expect when they bring their quilt to Road 2016 to be appraised? Violet recommended that guests stay with their quilt and not leave their quilt at the booth. Though someone is at the booth at all times, the appraisers are busy and can’t be responsible for a missing quilt. Besides, they prefer that a customer is present to discuss the particulars of the quilt. Violet suggested that when the appraisal is completed, guests can leave their quilt with Road’s Sack Sitters while they enjoy the show or take a class.

Photo courtesy of Gregory Case Photography

Photo courtesy of Gregory Case Photography

There are two types of appraisals that are given at the show: verbal and written. Verbal appraisals cost $25.00 per quilt and are not considered an official appraisal, as there is nothing in writing. It is actually a consultation for  information that the customer requests to be given such as: What era did the quilt come from? Can you date the fabrics? What kind of quilt is it? How do I care for the quilt? Is it ordinary or rare? How do I go about selling the quilt?

A written appraisal is a document noting many factors about the quilt such as has the quilt-maker won awards, has the quilt been published and where was it published, the quilting styles used, etc. In writing the appraisal, the appraiser follows USPAP (Uniformed Standards of Appraisal Practice) standards. A photo of the quilt on the day it was examined is also included in the report.

A written appraisal is researched; it usually takes 20 minutes to examine, measure, photograph, and gather information about the quilt and values are not given immediately. Reports are sent to the customer in 2-3 weeks following the show’s closure. The cost for a written appraisal is $50 per quilt.

Photo courtesy of Gregory Case Photography

Photo courtesy of Gregory Case Photography

How are written reports used for future insurance needs? Customers can send the written appraisal to their insurance company to be added as a rider to their homeowner’s policy It is preferable to have quilts appraised when they are in good condition “After the fact” appraisal, such as stolen, damaged, after a fire, etc. may not get full value reimbursement.

Violet is always on the lookout for interesting quilts. When asked for an interesting quilt experience, she told the story of when a few years ago, while driving, she saw an old and worn quilt hanging on the porch of a house. Naturally curious, she pulled over to the side of the road to observe the quilt through her rear view mirror instead of getting out of her car and approaching the house. Why didn’t she get out of the car? Said Violet, “There were several men in motorcycle clothes on the porch. I’m curious, but not stupid.”

Appointments for quilt appraisals during Road 2016 are recommended. While drop-ins are welcomed, they are done on a time available basis. To schedule your appointment for a quilt appraisal during Road 2016, email Violet directly at







Quilting + Cruising = A World Of Fun

One thing you can be sure, Road to California is all about having a quality good time. So when the opportunity came to have Road sponsor a quilting trip through the Panama Canal, Carolyn knew that this would be another great way for quilters to have fun. After all, what could be better than a group of like-minded quilters, sailing on a world class ship, seeing the world and quilting all the way?  

The Road to Panama Quilt Cruise  is being coordinated by Deb Roberts and her World of Quilts Travel and Textile Tours. Deb is herself an experienced quilter, historian, collector, teacher, author, judge and appraiser. She has been interested in quilts since childhood and passionate about travel for as long as she can recall. While traveling several years ago, it dawned on Deb that she was spending much of the time seeking out places to see quilts, getting to know quilters, buying unique fabrics and seeking out those who knew about the area’s quilts and quilt/textile history.  After seeing things that opened her eyes to what has been available in other countries for centuries, gave her pause to think about sharing all she was experiencing with others, and thus she organized her first tour to France in 2004.Worlds of Quilts Travel

What had Deb meticulously planned for Road to California? A trip that leaves Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, travels through the Panama Canal, goes up the Mexican Riviera, and ends in San Diego, California. The itinerary includes over 25 fun filled workshops, inspirational scenery, and amazing classes taught by extraordinary instructors. Sewing machines are provided as well as shipboard accommodations, on-board meals and entertainment. The trip also includes open sewing sessions, a “Pirates of the Caribbean” block contest, and a “Splash from your Stash” contest. The trip ends with a Farewell Fiesta and show and tell. And for those people who love swag, there will be plenty of surprise gifts along the way.  


Whatever your interest: meeting new quilt friends, travel, learning from the best teachers or cruising and whether you like to travel alone or with family, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Won’t you come quilting and cruising through the Panama Canal with Road to California? The ship leaves port April 15-29, 2014. Visit for more information. Adios and Bon Voyage.


Quilt Stories From the Inland Empire

The City of Ontario, California is the location for Road to California. This city really likes quilts and quilting because from December 6, 2012 through January 27, 2013, it’s Ontario Museum of History and Art will be sponsoring a quilt exhibit, Quilt Stories From the Inland Empire. 


Just going to the museum is a real treat. This historic location is a public-private museum operated by the City of Ontario with support from the non-profit Museum of History and Art, Ontario Association. The museum is known for the outstanding exhibits it promotes, including this upcoming quilt themed event.    

Visitors to the Quilt Stories From the Inland Empire will be treated to personal expressions, stories, traditional techniques and contemporary themes when they come to view the quilts on exhibit. Not only are the artists representative of the Inland Empire, but so are stories of their quilts. Quilts will range in size, color and shape
along with embellishment, appliqué, style and theme. The quilts feature broad themes including the geography and history of the inland area as well as personal stories and traditional geometric and star patterns.  This multi-layered exhibit is guest curated by artist and quilter Theresa Polley-Shellcroft. Polley-Shellcroft has a long history with the museum; she led quilt works in previous years and the “Fan Faire” workshop in 2005. She teaches Art History and Art Education for Victor Valley College, Brandman University and University of Phoenix. Her artwork, quilts and paintings have been exhibited across the country at New York City SoHo and Chelsea galleries’; The American Folk Art Museum, NYC; The Historical Society of Washington, DC; the National Museum of African History, Ohio; and the Anacostia Museum of African American Culture, Smithsonian Institution Washington, DC.

The museum will be hosting a couple of special events in conjunction with the exhibit. An Artist Reception is planned for Friday, December 7, from 5:00 to 7:30 p.m. Visitors can meet and chat with the artists whose work was accepted for the display. A Quilt Workshop is scheduled for Saturday, January 12th from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.. Attendees will receive instruction on quilt patterns and techniques from the guest curator, Theresa Polley-Shellcroft. And on Wednesday, January 23, a Tour and Tea will be presented. Reservations are required for each of these additional free events and can be arranged by contacting the museum.

We love all things quilting so a special exhibit devoted to our favorite pastime is certainly worth checking out.