The Jury Process

We have all the entries entered into the computer so now the jurying process can begin.
The jurist are selected because they have a good knowledge of quilting, one may be fairly traditional, one may be more arty, one may specialize in applique or another in embellishing or ????.
We jury the entries on our computers. The jurist can be anywhere they have their computer. They might even do it in “Jammies”. We jury independently and do not know the other jurists opinion until after we have completed a category.
When we jury a quilt entry we only have the title of the quilt, its size and the two photos. The computer has already sorted them into the category that you selected on the entry form. If all the jurist accept or reject an entry, the computer removes them from the jury process and adds them to the appropriate list.
The remaining entries are then discussed by the jurists and a final decision is made whether to accept or reject. Sometimes the discussions can be quite “lively” if two really disagree, but we finally reach a mutual decision.
I would like to say that a good photo is REALLY IMPORTANT. That is all we have when we are in the jury process. Some really outstanding quilts could be rejected because of a poor quality or missing photo.
We plan to mail out the letters the week of November 26. The letters will have appraisal forms, shipping instructions and return instructions.
Good luck to all who entered!

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