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2018 Registration Information

A few different posts have been written on our blog about how to register online. If you want a comprehensive step by step guide, I recommend you read this post for the walk-through on registering for classes. Our software has largely remained the same since that post was written.

The purpose of this post is to give you some helpful hints and tips to work around some of the limitations of our system, as well as discuss some common problems our attendees encounter.

Registering a Friend?

The most common problem we see is when an attendee is attempting to register for a class for more than one person. Our system will only allow one Registration Fee per account. All classes (numbers starting from 1-7) require the registration fee. Even if you want a Wednesday class, and your friend wants a Thursday class, you must register under separate accounts as each individual who signs up for a class must pay the Registration fee. There is no way around this – you must register each individual under a separate account.

You may, however, purchase lecture or event seats in multiples. Class numbers starting in 8 and 9, do not require registration. When you drag the event into your schedule, click on 1 and select the number of seats you would like to purchase. Please note: if you want to include the registration fee with your lectures and events, you must register each person under their own account.

Class Full?

We routinely get questions about what to do if the class you really want is sold out. First, we highly recommend the waiting lists. We only charge you if you get into the class, which means the waiting list is free.

We get asked what the fill rate is off the waiting list. This question is a misnomer. The waiting list is used when either (1) someone cancels, or (2) we move classrooms to give a teacher more space.

We have also left a few spaces open in the schedule to repeat classes which have a long waiting list. If this is the case, you will be contacted about the new session prior to us opening the class to the public.

Please note: we do not permit an individual to be enrolled in a class and on a waiting list for a class occurring on the same day.

Problems During Registration

Although it is rare, sometimes problems do come up during online registration. Here are a few helpful hints to get you through the process:

  1. If you log on and do not get an error message, refresh your browser and start again. If you do not know how to refresh your browser, it is simple – for windows it is command – R and on Mac OS it is Command – R.
  2. If you clicked register and nothing happened, look to see whether you received a pop-up error message. We require your address with phone number and country (even if you’re in the USA). You may have to scroll up to see the error message.
  3. We will have someone monitoring the system and checking emails on Saturday morning between 8 AM and 10 AM. If you get into a jam – email is the best way to contact us. Just shoot an email to and someone will get back to you. We will not be answering the phones.
  4. Please do not use an iPad, iPhone, tablet or smart phone to register. Our system was not designed to the use of touch devices and may not work.
  5. Test your account login by going to to make sure your login works before registration starts.

One last thing – we heard a lot of your feedback regarding the choice of bag for 2017. We apologize to those of you who were not satisfied with the bag choice for our registered class attendees. For 2018 we will have a fresh, new canvas bag with a special surprise. This bag will be much larger – and will be able to contain all the goodies you buy at the vendor mall.

In summary – we are so excited for our class line up this year. We hope you are too! As always, if you have any questions, please send us an email at


Photos by Brian Roberts.

A Quilt Show, an App, and a Showbook Walked into a bar…..

Ok – so I don’t have a good punch line for that joke. But I can say that my staff and I have been listening to your feedback and concerns regarding our push to digital assets (i.e. the app). Rather than give you the run-around, you will be getting the dead honest truth from me (Matt) on the app, the decisions that went into having an app, and what we are doing going forward.


Photo Courtesy of Brian Roberts

Prior to Carolyn’s retirement she had been pushing to have a mobile app. Three years ago we met with our in-house software team on the creation of our own mobile application. Those talks laid the groundwork for the app you experienced last year and our app going forward. Early in 2015, Carolyn, who is always a forward thinker, believed the future in show programs and guides would be a mobile app and tasked me and my assistant with finding a mobile application for the show.

Long story short – we were over sold and under delivered by the mobile app company. The app became “bloated” with so much information and just didn’t work to my expectations.


The decision to not have printed materials available was a difficult one. Human beings are creatures of habit – if we provided printed materials no one would use the app, however we did underestimate the number of individuals who would not be using the app. This was a mistake on our part.


Photo Courtesy of Brian Roberts

You may ask yourself – going forward what are you going to do about all this.

First and foremost – Road will have a few different options to choose from for a show guide – both printed and as part of a mobile application. It is very important to me that you are given the best Quilt Show experience that I can offer you. As such we have made the following changes to our Show Guide platform.

  1. I encourage each and every one of you who has a smartphone (or tablet) to download our new mobile app when it is available. We will be releasing a different mobile app closer to the show (more details on that below.)
  2. We will have a show guide complete with Vendor listings and map available on our website in printable format on January 1. For those of you who do not have a smart phone, we highly recommend you download and print the Show Guide in advance.
  3. We will have a very limited supply of printed copies of the show guide available for purchase at the show. The copies will cost somewhere between $3-$5.

The Mobile App

family-34l_pr-printPhoto courtesy of Apple, Inc.

Last year we attempted to use a mobile app platform that was specifically designed for Trade Shows and Events. Not only did some of you find this difficult to use, we found it difficult to use as well. The app was not designed specifically for our consumers, and unlike our other technology services was an “off the shelf” option.

Needless to say, we are not using the same company for this years app. We have contracted with a tech start-up company to develop a mobile application system specific to the needs of our quilters. The app will be trimmed down, sleek and easy to use. We are focusing on the sections that you used the most: (1) Comment Wall, (2) Maps, (3) Vendor Listing, and (4) Class Listing and Locations.

The new app will require a new app store download (as the old Road to California app is technically owned by the old company and we are unable to update it…) The content is available to the public, however if you wish to post on the comment wall you will be required to create a login, or use one of your existing social media accounts.

We will keep you up to date when the new app is available to download.

Downloadable Show Guide


The Show Guide is different than the old Show Book. The old Showbook was a huge book – oversized with all sorts of items that are not vitally important to your experience at Road. So – with this change, the new Show Guide will contain information that you need to know, Vendor Lists, Maps, Contestant Information, and brief information on the Special Exhibits. Sponsors will be listed as well, but that’s it. We estimate the book to be between 24-32 pages long at the most.

For those of you who do not want to print it at home, I highly recommend you go to Kinko’s or your local print shop and have it printed. When posted, the link will be on the main page of easily visible. Just tell the printer where to go and they shouldn’t have a problem printing it.

Guides Available for Purchase

I have never intended to make a profit on the printing of the Show Book, and this holds true to the Show Guide. However, as labor rates and printing material costs in California increase higher and higher, we have noticed that the losses of the Show Book as astronomical – not just the monetary losses, but the environmental losses.

Each year I would watch us dispose of dozens of boxes of the Showbook. Not only is that costs that we are absorbing, but the environmental impact of printing all the guides to not have them used was immense.

Why print so many? We were stuck in a situation where we could print books based off our estimated attendance and have a surplus or printed a reduced number and run out. Running out of books without a mobile app, or other option was not an acceptable alternative.

Therefore, we will have a very limited supply of printed books available. There will be a cost (between $3-$5 depending on the cost of having the books printed).


We welcome your feedback on this matter. Give the app a chance – and let us know how you liked it, and how it can be improved. We will be sending our surveys this year regarding your overall experience and specifically your experience with our app. We look forward to receiving your feedback.

In closing , for those of you who found the experience at Road without a Showbook a negative one – I heard you, and we are working to find a solution. I do hope that those of you who have a Smart Phone or Tablet will try our new mobile app.

Best Regards

Matt Reese

Show Director

How to Enter Your Quilt Online

Is your quilt ready to submit for the Road to California 2017  Quilt Contest?

By now, you have read and become familiar with the complete Road to California 2017 Quilt Contest information including rules, quilt categories and definitions at our website. You’ve spent hours and hours working on your quilt design and then having it quilted. You are finally ready to submit it to our office and we are ready and waiting to receive your entry. We want to make sure you are confident on how to complete that last step: submitting your quilt entry.  

The deadline to enter your quilt(s) for Road to California 2017 is Monday, October 3, 2016.

Entries can be mailed in to Road’s office or submitted online. By entering online, you save both time and money. Online entries save $10.00 on their submission.

Award Winning Quilt Best of Show Road 2016

Best of Show Road 2016 – Silk Road Sampler by Melissa Sobotka

Matt Reese, Road’s Show Director, has provided these easy step-by-step instructions to help you enter your quilt online:

In order to process an online entry, you need to have an online account and be logged in. If you have any questions about the log-in process, please check out this previous blog post that explains how to log-in. Although the article focuses on how to register for classes, the process to log onto our online system is the same).

Once you are logged on, move your mouse over to ROAD2017 and click Contest Entry.  (Don’t worry about the dates in our examples below. The procedure is still the same).

First, on the upper left hand corner, you need to select Quilt under division. Second, you need to choose a Style which will be either Art, Innovative, Miniature, Modern or Traditional.

Photo 1

I selected Art. Next, you need to select a Theme. Since my entry is a quilted photograph of Pug, Max.  I’ll select Art Critter. (For information on themes, check out the information on the rules. If you have any questions about what theme your quilt belongs in your can either email us at  or make your best guess and if the jury/judges determine it belongs elsewhere, they will move it).

Next you need to put in the Dimensions of your entry. My quilt is 60 x 60. If your quilt meets the size requirements for the category you choose, a green message saying “Road to California entry category: xxxx” and a green Submit button will appear.

Photo 3

Enter the Title, Maker’s Name and Quilters Name. Please Note: we have had complaints in the past about failing to list the quilters name. We print what you submit, and have no way of knowing if you have not changed the Quilters Name. It is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure the entry form is accurate.

The Design Basis is a required field. This is where you should list what your design basis for your entry is (Pattern, Book, Photograph and so on.)

Photo 4

I started my quilt in 2010 and completed it in 2013. I am a first time entrant. I quilted my quilt with a computer assisted longarm machine.

Lastly, I completed my Artist Statement. Once finished click Submit.

When you click submit, you should be taken back to your account home page which shows a purple box with Contest Entry information.


Photo 5Next, I need to submit my Photos. Click upload under front to upload a front picture of your quilt. Helpful Hint: make sure your photos are at least 2,000 pixels on the smallest side prior to uploading. Any smaller than 2,000 pixels will be rejected.

Photo 6

Once you have uploaded your photos, pay the entry fee by clicking pay bill. Enter your credit card information and you’re all set!

Photo 7

If you have any questions about our online entry process, please let us know by email:

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Lake Powell- A Reese Family Tradition

Beginning in the late 1960s our family spent many of our vacations boat camping on Lake Powell in Southern Utah.  We would pile the four kids, all the food and camping gear in a boat and head up lake.  Usually there were four to seven other families in their boats going with us.  We saw Rainbow Bridge, Hole in the Rock – where early Mormon Settlers lowered their wagons to cross the Colorado River, Cathedral in the Desert, Anasazi Indian Ruins, mountain goats, fox, deer, pink frogs – yes they were pink, lizards and lots of fish.  They were really great vacations.

This year I rented a houseboat at Lake Powell and invited my family (3 sons and spouses, 7 grandchildren plus one husband and a fiancé and 2 great grandchildren and my “ex” (and his wife) to join me for another vacation at Lake Powell.  Saturday, June 30 began the caravan to the Lake.  We arrived at Antelope Point Marina late in the afternoon and began unloading mountains of food and gear for 20 people into the houseboat and Sunday morning began the great adventure.


Darrell navigated the houseboat through the narrows, past Gunsight Butte, Cookie Jar Rock, Crossing of the Fathers, Camel Rock and up to Rock Creek Canyon where David and Susan had already established a camp for us.  Darrell, Kevin, Glenn and David secured the anchor lines for the houseboat and then it was time for a swim. 

Mike and Shellee arrived Sunday evening, thank heavens for modern GPS so we were easy to find.  Bill, “my ex” and his wife, Helen arrived on Monday.

Matt and Jen arrived on Monday also. Matt has spent much time and $ restoring a 16’ open-bow boat, which he has named “That 70’s Boat”.  I welcomed him to the boating community where a boat is a “hole in the water you pour money in”.   

We spent our time exploring the canyons and all the sights.  On Tuesday a visit to Rainbow Bridge, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, was taken.  It is about a one-mile hike to the bridge from where you dock your boat.  It really is something to behold.

Back at camp there was a lot of water play including water skiing – Rachel; Darrell’s daughter skied for the first time. David’s personal watercraft was a favorite activity.  Even K.J. my three year old grandson experienced a “tube” ride.


My all time favorite spot on Lake Powell is the Escalante River and we did spend one day exploring that area.  The water level is almost as low as our first visit so the Cathedral in the Desert and its waterfall was much the same.  Because of the low water we could not venture as far back into Davis Gulch to see the petroglyphs and LaGorce Arch.  It was sad to see that the Indian Ruins on the Escalante had experienced vandalism, the roofs had caved in and we were restricted from exploring them.

I had the movies from our old vacations put on CD’s and played them on the houseboat TV for everyone to see.  My grandchildren could hardly believe that Mike had single skied with his foot holding the handles of the ski and his hands on top of his head.  Needless to say Mike did not give us a demonstration this time. 

I also took yarn and needles to make knitted scarfs. Shellee, Jen, Carie, Jil, Rachel, Jillianne, and Helen all tried.  Some even finished their scarfs.

I must admit a houseboat is very convenient in many ways; especially when several had a bout with a stomach flu problem.

We had a great time and it was sort of sad when the houseboat headed back for the marina.  Lake Powell is arguably the most scenic lake in America and  truly a beautiful place to vacation.

Online Contest Entry Instructions!

Online Contest Entry Instructions

Did you know we have an online contest entry program?  Our fully automated program allows you to complete the online entry form, upload your photos and pay the entry fee. By understanding how the process works you will be able to know how to log into your account account later to check the status of your contest entry. We hope the following instructions assist you in using our online contest entry system. Please let us know if  you have any difficulties.

Online Contest Entry Instructions

1. Open your Internet browser. (For the best compatibility we highly recommend using Google Chrome or Apple Safari web browser.)

2. In your browser’s address bar type:

3. You should see the below page.

Login Page

a. If you have taken a class or entered a quilt in Road before you already have an account. Please do not create a new account. If you forgot your password click forgot password.

b. If you have not taken a class or entered a quilt before, please create an account. Check your spam box for the activation email!

4. You will see the welcome page once you are logged into your account. Move your courser to ROAD2014 and click on Contest Entry.

Welcome Screen


5. First Select the Division (Quilt). Next choose the style. Most styles have a theme. Enter the height and width rounded up to the nearest inch.

6. Complete the fields. Design Basis is a required field. Please indicate the year started and finished, any commercial pattern or book which you use in your design. You can check all applicable methods for quilting, appliqué, piecing, paint and machine embroidery. Lastly, your Artist Statement should have your statement about your quilt and any other relevant information. Please note: you are limited to 450 characters including spaces and punctuation. The Submit button will only populate when all required fields are filled in correctly.

Completed Entry Screen



7. Once your entry is complete, you should see a submit button. Click Submit. Allow time to load. Once you have submitted your entry, the page should appear as below.

Welcome Screen with Entry


8. Your entry is not yet complete. Make sure you upload your photos. Click upload under front and closeup to upload each photo. Ensuring high quality photos is a must. The image must be at least 2,000 pixels on the smallest side for the computer to upload the image.

9. When your images are uploaded please pay your balance due. Simply click pay bill to pay the $10 entry fee.

10. You may review your entry information and edit the information prior to the start of the jury process by clicking on your entry number. Please make note of the entry number as it will identify your entry at Road to California throughout the process.


Big News!

The Contest rules are posted!!

Waiting for your big news?  Keep reading

UPLAND, CA June 13, 2013.  Road to California, Inc. is proud to announce the creation of a new category in its January Contest.  The category focuses on Modern Quilts and calls for entries that encompass the modern aesthetic. 

Road to California, Inc.’s contest already provides quilters from traditional to abstract a category to enter.  The addition of a modern category will allow further diversity into Road to California’s existing contest.



Quilters’ are eligible to enter their modern quilt into one of two Modern subcategories in the contest.  The first Sub-Category is Modern Piecing, which includes quilts that utilize improvisational piecing techniques.  The second sub-category is Negative Space, which includes quilts set with large amounts of negative space including quilts with alternative grid work and modern abstract design.

Prizes for the new Modern Category include Best Modern Quilt $2,000 sponsored by Modern Quilts Unlimited, Best Modern Piecing $1,000 sponsored by Stash Books ® and Best Use of Negative Space $1,000 sponsored by Stash Books ®.

Modern Quilt’s entered into the new categories will also be eligible to win other prizes including Best of Show $6,000 sponsored by Gammill.  Total cash prizes for Road to California’s 2014 contest totals over $50,000.

Entries must be received by Road to California by October 1, 2013.  Road to California Quilters’ Conference & Showcase runs from January 23 through 26, at the Ontario Convention Center in Ontario California.

Carolyn’s Trip to Quilt Con!

My “Quick” Trip to Austin

This past week I made a quick trip to Austin, Texas for the Inaugural Quilt Con Show organized by the Modern Quilt Guilds.  Yes, I actually drove 2, 614 miles just to go to a quilt show.   I am one of those “queer ducks” that enjoys cross country driving. 

Stevii and I left Tuesday morning and drove to Las Crusas, New Mexico.  We saw lots of pecan groves that were just beginning to turn green.  Wednesday evening we spent the night in Fredericksburg, Texas.  Did you know that they raise Angora Goats on their ranches in the hill country of Texas?  We saw more goats than cattle and even saw a few buffalo.

We spent Thursday at the show.  Lots of quilts were on display and I am beginning to understand and appreciate what is a “Modern” Quilt.  There were quilts with piecing but not necessarily repetitive patterns.  Many of the modern quilters incorporate negative space in their quilts and they do a great job of quilting those areas.

Quilt Con invited their sponsors to participate by having a booth at the show.  Some that I visited with were fabric or book companies such as Andover, Robert Kaufman, Marcus Brothers, Michael Miller, Moda and Stash Books. Each of them were offering either “make it and take it ideas”, giving demonstrations, offering product information to the attendees or photo ops.


We spent the day visiting with people we knew, looking at quilts, checking out the vendors, shopping and just having a good time.  I enjoyed attending Quilt Con.

Friday we began our trip home.  We stopped in Van Buren, Texas to have lunch at a Mexican Restaurant named Chueys, which had been a favorite stopping place for the late John Madden, the football guy.  The building was painted inside and out with the brightest neon green, fushia, and orange.  It really shows up among the West Texas brown scenery.   We arrived home on Saturday.  You can really cover the miles in West Texas with cruise control and an 80 MPH speed limit. 

Now, I will have to work on the class schedules and other things for the January 2014 Road to California.